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Forum and Site Rules

The wordy legal bit (otherwise known as small print)

This page and subsequent pages form the Terms and Conditions ("Rules") of accessing any part of this website ("The Site", "TP", "Talk Photography", "The Forums", "us", "we", "our"). By registering and/or using the Site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

All our rules apply to any content created by you ("Content") and submitted to Talk Photography ("posted") either directly or indirectly. "Content" includes, but is not limited to :

  • Registrations, usernames, forum threads and posts, private messages, signatures, profile data, events, photographs or any other information created via our website or associated services (for example, our Facebook page).

You agree that by submitting content to Talk Photography, either via the website, email or any other method, that you grant tpmedia.ltd and/or its agents non-exclusive, irrevocable permission to store, reproduce, backup and/or re-present in public, worldwide, via any media, and/or modify (for editorial purposes only) that content. You retain copyright to that content.

All photographs submitted to Talk Photography will remain copyright of their respective author. However, when you submit a photograph to Talk Photography for an event, competition or such activity, you grant tpmedia.ltd and/or its agents irrevocable permission to store, reproduce, backup and/or represent in public, worldwide, via any media, and/or modify (for editorial or aesthetic/display purposes only) that content, but only relative to the event to which it was submitted.


  • You may not directly copy any part of this website for inclusion in any other publication, in any form whatsoever.
  • We may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without warning.
  • Finally, if you don't read anything else from here down, please read these two most important rules on being a Talk Photography member:
  • Respect - Always act respectfully and polite towards everyone else. Always. Speak to them as you would speak to your own grandmother.
  • Common sense - Apply it, use it, and be guided by it.


  • One account only.Username may be changeable upon request
  • Accounts may be deleted upon request.
  • You must have a valid email at all times.

Conduct and behaviour

  • Don't swear. Don't be offensive. Be polite. Don't bore everyone with drivel. Don't moan about moderation.
  • Post in English.
  • Do not in any way alter your posts in a disruptive manor ie remove or replace images or text as to disrupt the flow of the thread.
  • If you think someone needs to be reminded of the rules, report it to the mods and leave them to deal with it. If you retaliate then you'll be treated the same, regardless of who started it.
  • If a moderator posts with an instruction, don't ignore it.
  • Teensy bit rude? Shouldn't be viewed by kids or anyone at work, use the "NSFW" thread prefix.

Prohibited content

  • Piracy (of the internet kind), anything naughty or criminal. Market research, surveys etc.
  • Anything that makes you money (or goods) from our community (Referral links etc).
  • Anything else that just isn't nice.


  • Keep it clean, non commercial (if target customer base is photographers), and not in-your-face.


  • Clean and non-animated, thanks.

Private Conversations

  • Same rules as everywhere else.
  • Staff CANNOT read them (unless they're part of the conversation of course).

    Don't post them publically unless all parties agree.

Posting photographs

  • That's good, keep doing it!
  • Only one thread per subjuct, please

Editing other member's photos

  • If they haven't ticked their 'Yes' box in their profile, don't do it!
  • If they have, then you go nuts, but don't ruin it or post it anywhere else but the same thread.
  • Don't post images in other peoples threads unless invited, or its an "Open to all" thread


  • Only in the Nude and Glamour forum please
  • Nothing overly or graphically sexual
  • Nothing that focuses on genetalia
  • Nothing that looks like porn. That's just tacky. We're not Reader's Wives!

Comments on photographs

  • Don't comment on the model unless it's strictly to do with the photograph

Commercial activity and representation.

  • A resounding no, unless you've already asked, and we have said yes, and you've paid our advertiser fees.
  • This includes usernames, avatars, signatures, posts and more. Check our detailed rules for more info.

Dealing with advertisers on Talk Photography

  • Just because we've allowed an advertiser onto our site, doesn't mean we can be held responsible for what they do. It's your responsibility to check them out before you hand over your money!

Please note : The spirit of the rules will always overrule the literal wording.