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    Tutorials DxO PhotoLab by the user

    Thank you SO much! I just bought DxO and the company's videos really don't suit a newbie to the program. I feel I can get a handle and understanding of the software thanks to you :)
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    Help re cropping and fitting on photo paper

    That is what post #9 was saying
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    Cleaning printheads

    This man, Jose Rodriguez, has a whole channel of videos on printing/printers/troubleshooting. Used the videos to clean the heads on my 3880
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    Photoshop Actions

    I don't have Topaz, but I just created an action in PS that included a Nik Filter. As I was recording the action, when I got to the point of wanting to use the Nik filter I went to Filter > Nik Collection > choose filter of your choice Made changes, saved and it took me back to PS with the...
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    Photoshop Actions

    Are you aware that part of an action can stop/pause whilst you make an adjustment suited that that particular image and then move on to the next setting? For example my Basic action (initiated with a keyboard shortcut) does an Auto levels adjustment then pauses so I can make adjustments (or...