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    Interfit 150 ex mk1 not cycling flash correctly

    I’m on an iPad, no keyboard here, lol.
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    Interfit 150 ex mk1 not cycling flash correctly

    8 just finally setup my pair of interfit 150 ex mk 1’s and , but not a s3cond time 7ntil you press the test button on the back, or turn the unit off and on, Any ideas what’s going on?
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    Hello from Harrogate

    Welcome mate! Leeds here!
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    Hi from Leeds

    welcome, also from leeds don't worry it will all come in time with practice and patience!
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    Beware of videoing shows with music

    i once uploaded a video of a busker and youtube flagged it for copyright, its kinda scary really.
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    assault rifle grip/mount for long lens ?

    Yes mate that should be fantastic, worth a shot at the very least!, thanks so much.
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    assault rifle grip/mount for long lens ?

    hi im a semi disabled photographer, one hand and use a wheelchair outdoors. ive had some good success using long lenses on a tripod but im looking for options for hand holding so i can cover more ground quicker. i haaaate tripods, always have. it would obviously need some sort of trigger/cable...
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    I'm going to shoot JPG.....

    I have shot jpegs professionally, but that's mostly down to shooting hundreds of deliverables per day, raw would have been a nightmare, if I'm shooting my fujis I tend to do raw plus Joel and never touch the raws, Fuji Joel's are damn near perfect, the consistency is nice too.
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    Another hello from the UK

    ah hello sounds like you do a wonderful job!
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    tesla model S

    well I've never taken photos of a car before, what do we all think to this? such an awesome looking car can't wait to hear it roar, must've looked odd a guy in an electric wheelchair taking pics of an electric car, though I'm sure its got me beat in a race.. tesla model s in leeds by Adam...
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    Beginner NASCAR Photography

    You want a 300mm 2.8 id say if its at night oh and a good tripod/ monopod if allowed
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    One from the street

    Cool shot i bet she never looked behind her
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    something from today

    i've just fully switched to fuji x-pro-1 56mm 1.2, first time out with it today trying to get more into street stuff, thoughts? deep in pho by Adam Malcolm, on Flickr
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    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    just shot this today. only just switched to fuji, xpro1 & 56mm. deep in pho by Adam Malcolm, on Flickr