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    Do I really need a semi-pro dSLR??

    I worked my way up the Canon gear ladder as a hobbyist but last year I felt I wasn't really using the gear to it's potential, so I downsized to the Canon EOS M3 with the 3 additional M lenses and sold my 60D and associated lenses and recouped most of my money. I now have all the features of a...
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    Words/phrases you hate to hear

    One word I hated during the Falklands war was "BRACE, BRACE, BRACE" coming over the tannoy on our ship. No doubt George Osborne was saying it last Friday morning!!:)
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    Beginner My Dog

    Lovely shot. My last dog was black and I always had trouble with getting the focus right. Spot on!
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    Advice on a gaming pc please.

    I got this one a couple of weeks ago It's almost half the price and my last Novatech AMD machine was still going strong after 5 years.
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    Rocket blower?

    They are very good for dislodging the odd dust spot. No need for an expensive one !
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    Curved monitors

    Hi Kev, Tha's good to hear. I was looking at the Dell U2715 which has some good reviews, but will have a look at this also. As a non-pro myself it may work for me also :)
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    Curved monitors

    Some very good comments here. I think I will have a look at the Dell monitors also before making a decision. Thanks keeweeman for bringing it up! :)
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    Curved monitors

    Good topic. I am about to replace my old monitor and thinking of getting this one it has some very good reviews. Not being a professional I...
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    Bruno the puppy

    No - It;s a Spoodle :)
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    I've had the M3 for 3 months now, with the EVF attachment, but never found the need to use it. The autofocus is much quicker on the M3. Very pleased with it and the old M is sat on the shelf now.
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Brilliant! I will have a go. Thanks
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    I agree. I havent found any practical use for it yet. It would be good to hear if anyone has found it of any use.
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    Windows Anti-Virus Suite

    Oh well, looks like I will have to start looking around as well after July
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    Windows Anti-Virus Suite

    That explains it then, I'm still using Windows 7. It scans all my Outlook files so yes, it picks up on dodgy emails.