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    Real difference between Sony A6000 and A6300?

    There's a huge price difference between the two, but is it justified. I'm a bit confused as currys has the a6000 labelled as a hobbyist and the a6300 as a professional camera. But as far as I can tell most are the same..? I'm leaning towards the A6000 since I could get a twin lens pack for a...
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    Best Lightroom and Photoshop blogs and tutorials

    Sorry but when I click on the page the page is in French for some reason... Am I doing something wrong?
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    Advice on trade ins?

    I've never done one before but are they worth it? And what might be a good place to start looking at? My goal is to probably get a sony a6300 and trade in a canon body and 2 lenses along with it. But I don't know if I'd be better off trying to sell on ebay and then buy the new camera myself...
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    Beginner Sony a6300 or Lumix GX8?

    The only thing that I like more about the lumix is that it would allow me to face the display towards myself, which is a nifty thing to be able to do. But overall I think I like the sony better. Any thoughts on this, and similar cameras in the same price range and quality would be appreciated :)
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    no longer used

    Thanks! I'll give London Camera exchange and the others a try! Are there any facebook groups where people sell them? I don't really know how that process works really. How do you sell things on there?
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    Sony A6000

    Is there a separate thread for the a6300? Are there any major differences between the two?
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    no longer used

    Don't want to hijack the thread, but what would be some worthwhile places to sell gear in the UK? I'm not from the UK, so excuse the ignorance :)