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    6 Macro Photography Ideas to shoot at Home

    I used a cheap 1 euro plastic file folder and cut out the shape
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    6 Macro Photography Ideas to shoot at Home

    Hey everyone, I was experimenting with soap and water this week trying to get mesmerizing, psychedelic images. In this short video, I want to share 6 cool macro photos you can recreate by just using simple items and a macro lens (or any lens with extension tubes...;) View...
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    Macro Video: Venus Fly Trap vs giant Beetle

    Hey everyone, I took some really realy close-up footage of my venus flytrap this week. It got some visits from a couple of insects and a "huge" Beetle. The beetle was really strong, who will emerge victorious? View:
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    The Revenge of the Fruit Flies - Short Film

    Hey everyone! After encountering billions of fruit flies and larvas in the coffee ground in my kitchen, I decided to create a different video, inlcuding a couple of cool macro shots, than usual. It is my first short film and I hope it did not come out too bad;) View...
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    Shooting Macro Water Droplet Refractions

    Hey everyone, have you ever tried to take pictures through waterdrops or any other kind of fluid? I was experimenting with water, oil and honey this week trying to get the best shot possible. Maybe clycerin would have also been an option (but I had none...^^). I really like the results you can...
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    "Everyday Objects in Macro" of MacroRoom

    Thanky you!:) You can find another video on my youtube channel where I explain the technique a little more in depth. The zoom consists of 4 different images (18mm, 40mm, 70mm, 90mm), zooming from into the next one. (Photography Hacks - Seamless Infinite Zoom Effect)
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    "Everyday Objects in Macro" of MacroRoom

    Hey everyone, have you seen the video "Everyday Objects in Macro" of MacroRoom? I have recreated their technique using several Macro photos (90 mm macro lens 1:1) and a rotation table which needs 2 hours for a full rotation. After the rotation stopped I took 3-4 more image with a focal length of...
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    Seamless Infinite Zoom Effect (Macro Room Technique)

    Hey everyone! Do you know the Youtube Channel Macro Room? I am completely blown away by their work. That's why I tried to recreate the photos they use to create the seamless zoom out effect in their video: Everyday Objects In Macro. I created a short tutorial showing how they took the images and...
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    Venus Fly Trap and Sundew (Macro Photos and 30 Day Timelapse)

    Thx Chris!!! I am open for new timelapse ideas;) Any similarproject you might want to share with us?
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    What will hatch? - The Mystery of the Golden Eggs

    Any update on your eggs?:)
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    What will hatch? - The Mystery of the Golden Eggs

    Wow, these look REALLY interesting. Are you doing a timelapse or how will you catch the moment of hatching?
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    Ideal Lighting for Iris Eye Photography?

    Thank you for your answers I finally got some cool images: View:
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    What will hatch? - The Mystery of the Golden Eggs

    Thank you, I am looking forward to the next "Egg"-Project:D