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    A Kingfisher

    Awesome shot, love it!
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    The Bullfinch couple

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    Tripod - £400, hit me (not literally)

    How about Nest Traveller NT-6294CK ?
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    The Bullfinch couple

    Excellent shorts, well done.
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    Beinn a'Chrulaiste.

    Truly stunning photos, the last one especially :cool:
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    mad Monday raptor day

    Awesome set, really like the last one!
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    Review Bristol Cameras - one to avoid

    Used them one before and had to cancel after 2 week wait. Seems they hardly hold any of their own stock.
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    A lighthouse kiss

    Really nice capture, well taken!
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    A Few from Race Retro

    Really nice set. I think you’ve done an excellent job of capturing the action.
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    Some recent mono shots

    Great stuff.
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    Goodwood Revival Meeting - A mixed bag.

    Number 4.... nice pair! Nice photo's by the way!
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    GT binge at Donington Park

    Really nice shots, liking 2 + 3!
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    Places to photograph