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    WRC Wales Rally GB 2014

    Best set yet again Rhod.
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    Croft Nostalgia Weekend Racing - 3rd August 2014

    Were there any Ford Anglia's out ?
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    WRC Rally Italia Sardegna 2014

    Wow didn't see them first time around . fantastic set of images your gear must have taken ages to clean with all that dust :tumbleweed:
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    Hungarian Grand Prix

    Cropped to tight for my liking could be any circuit
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    Neath Valley Stages 2014

    Excellent as always Rhodri , i was working in Neath Rugby Club in the morning taking photos of Stewart Evans
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    harry flatters rally

    What a good reply, thats all i wanted to do was to see if an ipone was up to take a half decent rally photo all the cropping was done in the phone and i was only there for the last stage. as i was only out for a drive in the Anglia on the left of the post. normaly i shoot with a Canon 1Ds Mk3
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    harry flatters rally

    all taken on an iphone IMG_1058 by mtashstudio, on Flickr IMG_1054 by mtashstudio, on Flickr IMG_1024 by mtashstudio, on Flickr IMG_1015 by mtashstudio, on Flickr IMG_1063 by mtashstudio, on Flickr IMG_1074 by mtashstudio, on Flickr
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    What is the fascination with angling motor sport photo's ?

    I love Anglia's here's mine . it's a bit quicker than your normal Anglia :)
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    Tour of Epynt 2014

    Cheers for the crit Chris i should have used Servo mode on the focus in retro spect , compostition i don't have a problem with just focusing .
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    My Tour of Epynt

    Pin sharp images well done Mike, I just had a look at your fliker page stunning images Mike some of the best i have seen .
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    Tour of Epynt 2014

    Cheers Mark i must have picked up some dust up there as i do alot of high key in the studio and havn't noticed any spots till now. here's the befor and after editing of No 1 not must high light /shadow editing done just bringing out the sky detail and colour saturation and bit of contrast. No 2...
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    Tour of Epynt 2014

    Yes Glynn i have 7 on my web site
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    Malcolm Wilson Rally 2014

    Nice set of images no 1 for me ,i do like an Avenger rallying .
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    Tour of Epynt 2014, yep another one !!

    Good work sir i need a bit more practice.
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    Tour of Epynt

    Thats a different take on the day 4 & 5 are the ones i like the best.