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    Problems booting Win10 - where do I look?

    Open an elevated command prompt then chkdsk /f then when told it can't lock do you want to run at restart hit y, restart when you don't need it for a while (time depending on size of drive). Checks each drive sector and moves data if on a dodgy sector, if it ends reporting it changed stuff you...
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    Question For You Motorbikers

    Five, tbh a couple are probably due retirement through age though, eyeing up the new ruroc's but supply and qc issues off putting currently.
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    Park Cameras: Probably the worst level of service I have ever received from any camera vendor

    I gave up on them after they supplied a clearly used camera, they seemed surprised that their 'reason' of holding returns on the same shelf as new stock leading to the " mix up" which btw they claimed was 'not possible' on initial reporting was not readily accepted by me as reasonable.
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    Which dash camera?

    Thinkware f800 front and rear, best capacitor based system (battery ones can 'blow' in hot weather).
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    The Amazing Sony A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    You may be out of luck, just tried doing similar for a set of headphones and had to cancel to reorder to change delivery may be ok but though it worth mentioning, was a supplied by amazon item too so not due to 3rd party etc...
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    Printing multiple images on a page / RIP software?

    Another + here for qimage. Also like the way you can let the renewal lapse and then just pay the 20 dollars or whatever as and when you want to update to latest version for another 12 months of updates, no forcing of continual renewals unlike other products....
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    Anyone have any knowledge of cPanel and WHUK?

    Their own kb seems to address this possibly: How to Enable/Disable Temporary URL in cPanel WHM | WHUK FAQ & Knowledgebase Hmm they appear to try not to let you link directly to a kb article, manually put the...
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    Anyone have any knowledge of cPanel and WHUK?

    How long ago was "just" DNS etc needs to propagate, can take up to 24hrs, usually faster but not instant..... If there is a "real" url to your site other than the bought domain try to see if that shows the holding page ok. E.g. if on the old bt hosting for an example a direct address would be...
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    Emma mattress.. Anyone got any opinions ?

    So far not found it too bad, be better to see once we get bit warmer nights though, def a little warmer than the previous spring one but nothing like the excessively hot expected from certain reviews, in fact would say if hadn't read those probably not even noticed much difference at all...
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    Emma mattress.. Anyone got any opinions ?

    Had a king size Emma for couple of weeks so far, seem to sleep better, pretty firm when laid down, quite squishy when sat on, that probably says more about me than the mattress though, but am also flat out at work so could just be more tired lol, see how it is after another couple of weeks...
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    Ebay Question's

    Probably easiest way is if your US friend has an Ebay account get him to purchase then forward and you repay him? Keeps it simplest I would have thought.
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    Photography Show Deals

    Any offers on the sony 24gm?
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    They do use different codes so the bumping into someone in a crowd method wouldn't work, the scam relies as Nilagin said on an accomplice relaying live the current active coding, in other words it is a live process not a precapture one. Suppose you could say bumping into still a possibility but...