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    "Panasonic G series" Owners Thread

    Oops. May of just reserved a GX7 14-42mm for £599, inc free spare battery and still eligible for the free lens promo. So happy I can get what I want (although it's a bit overkill at the moment, :/ ) for a good price after a year of saving up.
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    Which camera

    I've decided on the olympus EPL5. My parents actually fallen in love with it and love the simplicity of the camera ( tap the screen to take pictures ) whereas it will allow me to improve. I'm now keeping my eye on the price and hopefully it'll drop, if by 19/9 the promotion with the pancakes...
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    Which camera

    I've noticed the Olympus E-PL2+14-42mm second hand at my local branch of London camera exchange for £150 Do you think this camera will cover my needs and more? I will be using the camera to take pictures at family events and food mainly with the occasional landscape photos. From my...
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    Which camera

    I narrowed it down now to fromall the camera in my proce range including the sony, Canon G15 to now definiately sure that I want the Panasonic G5, and Olympus E PM2 so ill be going to the shops on Sunday to test it out and either wait for the price to drop or to buy it now with the extra len...
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    Which camera

    I don't know why I haven't considered Sony NEX. It just didn't occur to me. I'll get researching on that now. I don't know if I want a viewfinder or not. I would prefer a CSC with a viewfinder, but I can only find CSC with viewfinder on the higher ends of the camera. I've looked at the...
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    Which camera

    Thanks for the advice. I've been looking at Nikon and using hotshoe (is that right?) for the flash, and the sensor is smaller compared to the Panasonic series ? I've looking at Canon M series too. I've been looking at the G3, GF5 or GX1, I've completely taken out the Olympus e pen series, and...
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    Which camera

    Hi I had a Pentax kr which has failed on me and through the extra warranty I got £529 back from them so I'm looking at cameras to buy. At the moment I'm looking at compact system cameras, which is what I prefer now than bigger style dslr but with but I'm also looking at canon g15 which s a...
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    Free Photography Kindle Books

    Today: Point and Shoot: Digital Photography Basics for Beginners and Amateurs: Master your DSLR in 21 Days
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    I'm so mesmerised by this session! I haven't seen it for ages. Ronnie is playing brilliantly.
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    Fed up....

    I really really don't mind. Rain doesn't motivate me to go out, therefore more work is getting done. If it carries on raining and windy and gross weather next week I wouldn't mind, but would like it to stop the week after once I've finished with my exams.
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    What are you currently reading..

    I'm currently trying to understand Operating Systems, incorporating unix and windows by Colin Ritchie.
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    Dental costs.

    My parents are on the dental plan thing, so they don't have to worry about the costs every time they go and get their teeth checked. I only the other hand, is a student and pay near enough £20 for every check up now. Just a 5 minute to say "Yes your teeth are great bye!, oh by the way £20...
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    God damm you facebook

    I like it. It make stalking people more fun, when your trying to put off doing coursework and revision. *hides* ps. This only happen once or twice a year, when I get some work due in for uni. Not all the time.
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    Very Happy Mum I am...

    yay :) congratulations to your daughter :) I remember passing my first time. No one believed me until I show them the certificate.
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    I'm not allowed to take these :( Dr orders. Oh well. Only pain-killer I can take is paracetamol.