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    The Amazing Sony A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Stuck my old Tamron 90mm Macro A-mount on the A7iii hand held manual focus iso1600 to keep the shutter speed up, quite impressed
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    Covid Masks and Glasses

    Did an estate agent job yesterday first job for months !! had to wear a mask at was a right pain viewfinder kept misting up couldn't see mask kept moving absolute nightmare.
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    f16 Sunny Rule

    All of those variables are the same exposure ish so I would expect them to all look the same part from noise
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    Exeter coffee meet?

    I wouldn't imagine anyone would go past where I live unless lost but an idea nonetheless
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    Hi from Devon.

    Welcome from north Devon
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    What is this on my star trail photo's?

    id go for light leak through the viewfinder
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    Exeter coffee meet?

    I'm midway between barnstaple and Exeter so dosent mater to me
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    Exeter coffee meet?

    yep id be interested in this
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    Astro shot - Rosette nebula in colour

    top notch thanks for sharing this
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    Calling all Sony Alpha users! (Part 5)

    Hi j use the tamron 17-50 with my a580 and find it very good indeed, have you thought about a sigma 50 1.4 in my opinion excellent from f2 upwards as you've got the range covered with the 18-250 although the tamron maybe better. if it was me I'd invest in glass even though I'm looking at a A99...
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    Scanner for one off job upto £150

    Thanks I did a bit of research and think Epsom v500 looks good
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    What will you be doing at Xmas?...

    off to the outlaws for free food and beer :D then home in the evening and more beer with a bit of sleeping in between