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    Beginner Best lens for landscape photography with a Nikon d5500

    Well, traditionally, the 'trinity' of lenses for landscape shooters (in 35mm sensor size) is 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm. I shoot most of my landscapes, (probably around 90%) using a 24-70mm. For a crop sensor camera like yours, the equivalent would be Nikon's 17-55mm. I quite like the idea of...
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    Talk to me about Harris/Lewis

    Spring tide - highest of the high, lowest of the low Neap tide - Lowest of the high, highest of the low.
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    We need your feedback!

    My two recent dealings with MPB have been excellent. I sold a Fuji XT2, 50-140mm and 35mm f1.4 on one occasion and a Nikon D810 on another a few weeks apart. Both sales were straightforward and payment was within a couple of days from them receiving and checking the items. I would certainly use...
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    Skye exploration - video and pic

    Great stuff! I enjoyed the video. I’m off to Skye at the end of October and staying at Torrin on the other side of the loch from there, so was planning on walking up, the view is supposed to be superb from the top. Did you walk to the summit?
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    Nikon Z6 and Z7 mirrorless

    Thanks all, especially for the sample images... it does look sharp and definitely fits the brief. I’ve just sold my Tamron 24-70 g2 too so I think I will pull the trigger.
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    Nikon Z6 and Z7 mirrorless

    Does anyone own the 24-200mm? I am thinking of getting one but I already have the 24-70mm, which is a nice lens. The 24-200mm would seem ideal to take as a single landscape lens when camping to keep weight down a little. How does it compare with the 24-70mm for IQ? I have been using the...
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    Landscape people on YouTube - post your recommendations please

    Does he have a dog and a camper van? :)
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    What do you take when walking?

    The last few hikes Nordisk lightweight tent Rab sleeping bag Thermarest sleeping pad inflatable pillow Jetboil stove and gas waterproof stuff (trousers, jacket, gaiters) Rab microlight down jacket gloves and warm hat food and coffee (maybe a beer) Hipflask with a drop,of cognac Spork and...
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    The younger, or more timid generation.

    There’s been lots of redundancies. I doubt these people are able to get much at the moment. There’s plenty of self-employed getting not a lot of help either. There’s a payment due in June but for the bills that need paying now, it’s stressful. I know because my income has reduced by 100%...
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    The younger, or more timid generation.

    Not all of them. That’s just another generalisation. It also reinforces the idea that if the older generations can afford to bail out their offspring by paying their rent/mortgages/bills then the older generation are generally better off.
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    The younger, or more timid generation.

    That’s the problem with generalisations. Just like this weird and constant assertion that the younger generation are timid, feckless snowflakes. A narrative that comes from the worse of the daily papers and lapped up by folk with nowt better to believe.
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    The younger, or more timid generation.

    Of course. But I guess that apart from being temporarily restricted with movement and travel, not a lot has changed day-to-day for the elderly. Pensions are still being paid etc. I would hope most are coping with help from friends and neighbours with shopping too. Many younger people are...
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    The younger, or more timid generation.

    Since when have facts and evidence mattered in recent times?
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    The younger, or more timid generation.

    I joined the village Facebook page a few weeks ago to see if anyone needed help during the lockdown. To be honest, I have never seen such moaning and whinging and it’s definitely not coming from the younger generation. I’ve been doing work to the front of my house and have had a good view of...
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    camera and lens size comparison website

    That’s an interesting site! I didn’t know about it either.