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    Graham, I use auto ISO with manual, exposure compensation is done by pressing the set button on the back and scrolling the top wheel. Canon 7D2
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    Facebook groups

    I run a local community FB group with over 13000 members, we have always vetted every application to join. Clearing up the mess left by a spammer makes it worthwhile to put in the effort. We also have 3 questions which are sent to anyone who asks to join (it's a new FB feature being tested) this...
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    Stacking Teleconverters - Moon

    Thanks Paul, I did it with camera body -> 1.4TCIII ->2XTCII -> Lens retained AF but I adjusted exposure manually for the 3 stops. Lightroom gets confused though and reports it as a 2XTCIII
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    You can certainly go above 800 ISO on a cropped sensor. A bit of grain is better than not getting the shot.
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    Stacking Teleconverters - Moon

    Hi, had a go a stacking a Canon 1.4TCIII and a Canon 2.0II TC last night, attached to my 300L 2.8IS lens. 840mm total or 1340mm with the crop factor. Came out OK I think, Moon1L by Simon Bool, on Flickr
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    Barn Owl

    Hi, my first photo in this section, Barn owl from an early start yesterday morning. BarnOwl1 by Simon Bool,
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    Beginner Raynox DCR-250 - first attempts

    I use the DCR with a tamron 70-300 and a YN560 flash Fly4 by Simon Bool, on Flickr
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    Ever had a Arrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! Moment

    Mine, 7D2 and 100-400L on a strap attached to the tripod foot on the lens, putting it over my head I managed to hit the lens release button dropping the 7D2 and grip to the tarmac. I now have a velcro strap between the lens foot and camera base. Pleased to say the 7D2 was fine and grip had a...
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    Secure Strap

    Sling, great strap, easily moved between the tripod foot mount to the side ones
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    Photo site for selling downloads and prints for events

    You can sell the downloads on no charge they just take a percentage.
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    Photo site for selling downloads and prints for events

    I have a zenfolio site at the moment but am testing one from it's a lot cheaper per month.
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    Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM Lens

    Same here, got one to replace my failed Tamron 17-50 2.8 really pleased with it.
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    Recommend a lens for a Canon 50D

    Second hand 17-50 Tamron/Sigma 2.8.
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    Beginner lens for wildlife

    How about a second hand 150-600mm sigma or Tamron, good lenses for the money and will give you a good reach. Or cheaper a second hand 150-500 sigma.