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    Harvest mouse on bulrushes. New pic added

    Hi Alan, the first 4 are a great start and good poses. #1 makes me laugh, like it's on stilts or something! That latest one though, that's excellent. I think I can even see you in the eye reflection :wave: Thanks for sharing, Gary
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    Yorkshire Wildlife Park June 2016

    Nice set Toby. FWIW I really like #6 (and marmite!)
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    Timelapse Flicker

    Hi, you might have more luck in the video section. The flicker most people have issues with is sunrise and sunset as the camera, even with +/- 1/3EV can still cause flickering to the eye. If I'm correct, it's probably just variation in the light causing the flicker. Good luck, Gary
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    Wow, great capture Gary! Lovely low point of view.
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    Bluebells, Birds and a Prickly Little Chap

    Wide angle. Probably a Canon 16-35. Either a new f4 or s/h f2.8. More for video than photos though, but a handy lens to add to the arsenal :D
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    Bluebells, Birds and a Prickly Little Chap

    Yes, we are good thanks. Hoping to get another lens for my birthday, even if I don't get the chance to use it :p All the gear and no idea :)
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    Bluebells, Birds and a Prickly Little Chap

    Hi Ingrid, only looking in the phone but they look up to your usual standard, i.e. Not bad for a Nikon lol! Love the first Ethel pic and Hugo and the cheeky tongue out! Happy snapping, looks like a lovely day out.
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    Wild Little owl from this evening

    They both look good to me. Great detail and two fantastic images Den. The second slightly edges it for me.
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    Wild Kingfisher head on

    If you are a fish, this is game over :) Very interesting shot, thanks for sharing Den
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    Chester zoo black jaguar

    Hi Pete, as has been said, you did really well with the blacks there. Jaguar's, even slightly podgy ones, are probably the most menacing of cats. In black they look positively evil. Thanks for sharing, Gary
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    What eva!!

    I like the expression. If it were in a studio you'd probably be annoyed but in a home setting I think it's fine. Some of my favourite shots of my son are the less cute ones that get all the likes on social media. FWIW, the colour version is better IMHO
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    Oulton Park Easter Funday

    Nice set. That first one works well in my books :thumbs:
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    Lakeside Hammers Speedway - Good Friday 2016

    Yeah, I did think that but the Sigma 120-300 is a massive thread at over 100mm and I'm sure that would cost an arm and a leg! Maybe I'll just go to an evening event [emoji3]
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    Lakeside Hammers Speedway - Good Friday 2016

    Thanks for the comment. I did forget to mention that even at about 100 ISO the shutter speeds were stupid fast. If I have another go I'll sacrifice the shallow DoF for a slower shutter speed.
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    Chester Zoo Jaguar

    Lovely images. The portrait crops work better imho. Gary