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    Leap of Faith.

    Nice picture however, I would say that it is slightly un-sharp possibly due to a slow shutter speed. Nice picture in general though!
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    Monte Bove

    The first is stunning but the other are good too. Not too keen on the Black and White on the 2nd though as it just seems a bit dull unless that was the look you were after!
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    Portraits in London

    Just a couple of shots from a day out in London that I would love some feedback on: 20160723-IMG_3297 by George Spyrou, on Flickr 20160723-IMG_3366 by George Spyrou, on Flickr
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    Around England

    A nice set of images but #1 is a winner for me
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    WRC Sardinia 2016

    I have no criticism to share. This is a stunning set of images!
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    Channel Tunnel break down...

    I feel sorry for you but some fantastic photos though!
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    Roe Buck in the long grass

    Nice, well caught!
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    Is a 200W strobe enough?

    Ok, thanks again Phil fort the advice
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    Is a 200W strobe enough?

    Thanks Phil. I was a bit intimidated by the fact that there are 600W + heads available on the market. Are those more for on-location stuff where there is a lot of ambient light?
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    Result ! - Should I own up ?

    You should have just given it to me!
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    Is a 200W strobe enough?

    I'm looking to do some portraits with a single strobe with a strip soft box and a reflector. The shoot will take place in a studio but will a 200W head be enough. what do you recommend? Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    St. Marys Lighthouse

    #3 is my favourite. All of them are good but #3 is fantastic. Love the colours
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    You Tube

    I don't see any problem with this thread. I also have a Youtube channel which I have linked here:
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    Sunset over Buttermere

    Perfect set of images but I love the second one as the composition of the shot is quite unique and I found it very interesting
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    NGC4565 (The Needle galaxy)

    Wow, I don;t understand anything you just said but pretty interesting!