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    Is mirrorless the way forward?

    Yes, because of exposure live view. You can expose previously very tricky scenes with ease. I know people say you can just correct afterwards but I prefer to get it right in camera whenever possible.
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    Talk to me about bags!

    Swiss Gear backpacks ( the ones designed for 17" laptops ) They might work ok, they have a lot of compartments for various stuff
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    Yesterday nearly went very wrong- sad world we live in.

    Not with a camera but I was working for the council and a bunch of teens female and male were smoking drugs at the back of a council building so I told them to go away. They then walked off shouting about and calling me a pedo. Anyway not long after I noticed a Police car following me around...
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    Critique WRC Wales 2019

    Fair play, magazine quality in my opinion
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    Nikon D800 or D7200?

    D800. Tougher shutter mechanism, better iso performance, better for cropping image, more resolution, really solid build quality, its very very nice to have the bigger viewfinder on full frames.
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    Anyone used WEX or MPB to trade in?

    Its a murky world, I stopped doing it because my jealous neighbours started to deliberately vandalise the cars
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    Anyone used WEX or MPB to trade in?

    He asked me if I traded in a car so I replied, not that its your business
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    Anyone used WEX or MPB to trade in?

    Good luck with your dealings with MPB, I think they suck and nothing will ever change my mind
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    Anyone used WEX or MPB to trade in?

    Hell no, I used make £1000+ profit per car I sold that I used to buy in auctions. And FYI garages make more money than that per car so don't go thinking im a swindler lol.
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    Anyone used WEX or MPB to trade in?

    They just give you low offers. Like if a lens is worth 950 they will offer you like 800 and you will see them advertise it next week for 1050
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    Is nobody buying gear any more?

    It is a bad move what you said on your sales thread. Everyone is in the same boat. Nothing is guaranteed to sell for a fair price. Some people have literally lost thousands.
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    Please help, how to determine distance/size of object in photo

    are you near area 51 by any chance.
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    Has anybody used eGlobal-Central UK

    yes I remember the name. they were on ebay and were heavyweight grey dealers from abroad somewhere. kinda like e-infin who I would prefer to use
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    Working on Windows PCs

    If it is a shop bought PC like Dell or whatever then there is a limited amount you can do. Changing drives and ram are the easiest job and there are many youtube videos showing people do it. For drives they are usually connected to 2 cables, a SATA cable and the other is a power cable. They...
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    Laptop or Desktop

    Nobody wants HDD anymore, that's likely DDR3 ram which again nobody wants these days, that Win 10 Pro is probably a one time code someone bought from ebay for £2.99 so not ideal, and probably an older i7. Cant upgrade it later so have to buy full machine again, you don't learn anything and I...