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    Telling a story through photos

    I don't think the image should tell a story, at least, not every single one. Sometimes a nice picture could be just a nice picture that captures a certain moment, but you still can tell your story by combining a bunch of photos into some smartshow 3d slideshow, so that it would look like a...
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    Advice and feedback on image processing (misty sunrise)

    Can't say a lot about the possible editing, but it's looks like a painting! Adorable shot.
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    Selling calendars for charity

    If there is no other option, you can do the printing on your own, and while it may not be very convenient, you can offer your own custom designes, so maybe the followers will be even more interested. There are personalized calendar makers like for that, and...
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    Should I worry about shuttercount?

    Just use it and don't worry, these things are usually well built.
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    Adobe haters, I have a question for you

    Thank you :D I also enjoy reddit, but this forum looks kind of more credible to me, idk why
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    Adobe haters, I have a question for you

    Wish I could be one, haha! But no, I'm an amateur photographer and a typical beginner who asks tons of questions out of curiosity (and sounds stupid). I do landsapes and occasional shootings for my friends and family, so I'm far from calling myself a professional photographer. Although I enjoy...
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    Adobe haters, I have a question for you

    So it's basically why are you Adobe haters? :D I'm asking that because the other day I saw a relatively old article called "If everyone hates Adobe [blah-blah-blah]" (here is it if you are interested-
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    Are free photo editors any worse?

    This. There are plenty of programs (photo editors and other stuff) that are free but they are really good. Soundcloud could be a great example, it may not have all the popular music but it has a lot of smaller artists who are really worth listening to. Photodiva that DPS wrote about several...
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    Are free photo editors any worse?

    Does you friend feel somewhat superior to others knowing that he never touches a free program? Because he sounds like he kinda does. :D I think it very much depends on what exactly do you need and who you are in the first place. If you just want to see what photo editing is, then free programs...
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    Watermark removers

    Adding watermark to someone's face is safer for the watermark but I highly doubt the client will be happy to see it. You can give the client another pack of photos with no watermarks across the faces, but where is the quarantee that these photos will not be used by any third party later? To me...
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    Programs for video/slideshow editing

    I want to try myself in video editing and I thought about making a video for my friend's birthday: just some of ours archive videos combined into one long video or maybe a slideshow. I know there are plenty of programs for doing that and many online services but I wanted to ask whether there...
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    Photo editing plus language learning- offtopic

    Doesn't sound like a very good idea to me, unless you are about to read tutorials or watch video guides in Spanish. Of course, there are photo editors like Photoshop or Lightroom or Photoworks that are translated into many laguages and so are their tutorials, but a tone curve is a tone curve...
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    Is it rude to ask the photographer to edit the photos differently?

    It's actually a funny question to ask while being a photographer myself, but anyway, here is the thing: I've been looking for a wedding photographer for a while and I've found one in my area who does pretty incredible photos but I have questions about his editing style. I like the way he works...
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    Beginner Enhancing photographs taken with the phone?

    When you take pictures with your phone cameras, do you edit them before posting (Instagram or whatever other website, maybe Flickr)? I use Xiaomi Redmi 8 and it has a nice camera but sometimes I feel like I'd prefer it to have a better editor. I wonder if there are programs or apps aimed at...