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    BTCC at Thruxton (pic heavy)

    Great Set I think we met in the Media Hut ...
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    Photomechanic 6 - will you upgrade?

    still on V5 heard mixed results so will wait .... don't fix it if it isn't broken :)
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    A Few from Race Retro

    I have been going for many years now covering the Event for the Organisers different layout to Rally Stage this year public view was not great but will hopefully be sorted for next year
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    A Few from Race Retro

    1 Race Retro 20195540.jpg by Chris Wynne, on Flickr 2 Race Retro 20196976-Edit.jpg by Chris Wynne, on Flickr 3 Race Retro 20196905.jpg by Chris Wynne, on Flickr 4 Race Retro 20196834.jpg by Chris Wynne, on Flickr
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    Famous people shots

    Jess Glynne Rick Astley
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    Lens advice please

    I have used the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 Sport lens for football a cracking lens
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    RIAT 2018- Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Flanker

    A Quick Edit from RIAT on Saturday
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    BTCC Media Day - Donington Park

    No they are still working on new restaurant so tunnel closed.
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    Most go for celebrations ... also easier to capture than a goal :)
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    Sport Portraits - Capturing the emotion! Your photos please!!

    The Great Nigel Mansell ... still a Winner .. ;-)
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    iCap Pro

    I have a MinPro for sale on classified section :)
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    Williams FW14B - Silverstone Classic 2017

    Williams FW14B from Saturday at Silverstone Classic
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    Avro Lancaster and "friends"

    No RIAT 2017
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    Great Shot love the prop blur !
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    Avro Lancaster and "friends"

    Another edit from Friday