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    Best shows on Prime/Netflix?

    Don't know if they are on Netflix but I really enjoy watching lethal weapon and luther is brilliant.
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    Beginner Flat light.

    Lovely shot that Dave, the train and steam really give it that ww2 look.
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    Beginner Flat light.

    You see I like that, I love the darkness of it. I think I am spending too much time thinking about it, instead of getting out and experimenting.
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    Prevent fogging?

    If it's the butterfly world near roundhay park? Been myself, I just walked around for an hour to let my lenses acclimatize
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    Beginner Flat light.

    Thanks Ian I understand that, it makes perfect sense.
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    How I saw in the New Year ---

    No high jinx for me either, not poorly but at work.
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    Beginner Flat light.

    Hi all, I want to get out with my camera to do some street photography, the question I have is how to deal with the flat, grey light we have at the moment. I love b+w shots, which I am thinking would be easier on the eye once you pp them ?? (Could be totally wrong here) but what about colour? Is...
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    Happy new year

    All the best for 2019 to everyone.
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    Christmas decorations

    All I can say is beautiful, colourful, sharp images, a great set.
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    A few night city shots

    Nice set, loving the last but one with the sort of higgledy piggledy row of houses.
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    1st go at a bit of astro

    The last one has the most potential, with the tree in the central position could you have gone for a longer exposure to get some movement in the stars?? Just my thought, I am definitely no expert.
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    North England Wander around

    I'm going into Bradford town centre tomorrow with my camera, if anyone is around and fancies a wander, get back to me. Will be there from 11 onwards.
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    Just watched a documentary called war photographer, absolutely fascinating. The photographer is a guy called James nachtwey, hiw he sleeps at night I will never know. If you have not seen it I recommend watching it, it is brilliant.
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    Nikon D700 official owners/users thread, anything related to the D700

    Only just got one, old technology I know but still relevant for a noob like me.