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    Beginner Auto ISO in A, S, M mode.

    I use Auto ISO only when taking shots of wildlife up to 6400. Other than that I use ISO 100 for landscapes and HDR, and I use 3 separate settings for each 'field' of photography.
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    What will be your next photography related purchase? Or what photography gear do you lust after?

    Wouldn't mind a wide angle lens, a few gradient filters, new lighter tripod and a new PC......But they will be on my list for quite a while until I can find a job
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    Lightroom or Capture one

    View: View:
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    What editing setups are people using?

    Setup in signature + 1TB Toshiba external drive for backups, and Lightroom.
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    I might be too late, but if you bought LR on Adobe, you should be able to get your code from them. (I've done it twice)
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    North England Where abouts is this on Loughrigg Fell ?

    Thank you. Is it easy to find from Clappersgate and is there any parking nearby?
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    North England Where abouts is this on Loughrigg Fell ?

    Kinda famous spot for taking photographs, where abouts is it?
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    Sunset near Loch Sween, Argyll, May 2018

    Sunset over a hill next to Loch Sween, Argyll taken May 2018
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    Canon Pixma MG5250 ICC profile?

    Anyone know where I can find a profile for this printer?
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    Online printing recommendations

    What colour profiles do printing companies use nowadays? sRGB, Adobe1998 etc
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    ICC profiles

    I watched this earlier on printing, seems to be some good info View:
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    Every Canon owner needs to read this security alert

    Glad I saw this, I was thinking about trying GPS on my MK IV
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    Good books for a complete beginner.

    Personally, I've never owned a photography book. I first owned a point and shoot film camera and then a digital zoom 'point and shoot' in my teens, then moved to dslr with a Canon 450D in my twenties, (bought a full frame 3 years ago). I've always watched Youtube videos. Bought dvds by Karl...
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    Cannot zoom in using Live view on Canon 5D Mk4 in live view

    Don't you hate it when you feel like a fool. I haven't used the camera for quite some months. I wasn't using the correct button. :asshat: Now to put all my settings back in :banghead:
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    Cannot zoom in using Live view on Canon 5D Mk4 in live view

    Seems that the camera doesn't want to zoom in with any of my lenses I have. I don't know what's wrong with it