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    Bloody Flicker

    Don't count on computers to remember your passwords:rolleyes: Make sure you have them written down somewhere
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    My father inspired me.
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    Notice There's gon' be some new sheriffs in town

    Welcome New Owners :banana:
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    New camera strap required. Suggestions?

    Gone with the Pro Peak Slide. Should have it by Friday
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    New camera strap required. Suggestions?

    My Karl Taylor camera strap is wearing away and I'm in need of another. Rubbery material on one side and fabric on the other. Comfy. . Always used shoulder straps, so will stick to them. Looking for something comfy. Thought about the Peak Design Slide camera strap, but it's £54 on Amazon.
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    Film cameras. Are they worth it?

    I'm not using the camera. But thanks for all your replies
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    Film cameras. Are they worth it?

    If I really wanted to use the camera, I would, but well, money is tight at the moment.
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    Polarisers, when to use?

    I stopped using UV filters when I found out they don't do anything. I think it's more of a lens protector than anything else.
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    Beginner Settings

    It doesn't matter what camera you have, it's the lens, the lighting and the person taking the photo that matters
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    Amazon - are they S**t

    Never had a problem ordering anything from Amazon. My recent delivery was from Hong Kong and was supposed to take up to a month and it arrived only 1 week later :D
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    Cycle carrier

    Depends on your car because not every rear carrier will fit. Also depends if you want a roof carrier.
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    Getting bots on your squarespace website?

    Anyone else getting bots on their squarespace site from Singapore and Ashburn, Virginia in USA? If so, are you doing anything about it? and how?
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    Beginner rule of thirds

    Google it
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    Film cameras. Are they worth it?

    Thanks for all your replies. It's back in the wardrobe.