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    Nice set I've not seen many about this year were they local
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    Male Kingfisher

    Very nice
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    oh no another shorty shot (artistic)

    Great capture
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    Wild White-tailed Sea Eagle Extravaganza

    Three cracking shots I would be very pleased with them
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    Very nice they always seem take to flight when I get close
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    Wild Little Owl

    Great shot
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    Red fox

    Well impressd and with the times two converter great
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    Short Eared Owl

    Brill I'm very jealous I would be just to get a glimpse
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    Short-eared Owl

    Great shot
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    Short Eared Owl

    Very nice I've yet to see one this year
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    First Hares of the year

    Always nice to see a hare I will have start looking
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    Wild 2019 Hare

    Great start to the year nice one
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    Like everyone says a cracker of a shot
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    Waxwings and Redwings from Sheffield

    Great set lucky you