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    Where should I get my sensor cleaned?

    As cleaning the sensor is quite easy could you not get an able bodied friend/partner to do it for you? It would take little time to explain what is required (use youtube) and would save time and money.
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    Jessops going under (again)

    As most above I tend to shop online. However my last big purchase (Canon 70-200 2.8 Mk3) I went to Calumet in Manchester. My main reason was WEX gave me a very good trade in deal for 2 lenses (Canon 70-200 2.8 Mk1 non IS and a Sigma 150-500) for which they offered £970. By going into the shop...
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    Beaumaris Castle

    Hi LLP Many thanks for the constructive criticism. I did see some of the issues (which makes me wonder why I posted it in the first place.) I will take on board your comments and hopefully my next image may be of a higher quality. Derek
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    Beaumaris Castle

    This is my first go at long exposure using a 10 stop filter. IMG_4931 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr
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    Catching rain drops in sports pictures (Football)

    Getting rain drops works best under floodlights 978A8186 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr
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    Black and white conversions

    This is an old thread but the post by the long gone Pookeyhead may be useful It's a shame the downloadable tutorial he posted is gone as it contained everything you needed for back and white conversions
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    The way it is going with Brexit you may may get plenty of riots to practise on.
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    Sensor Cleaning

    Did both of my cameras over the weekend. I bought some swabs from Amazon. I actually used methanol (which is what ellipse fluid is) as I work in lab environments. Took 5 mins each blow with rocket blower then bit of Methanol on swab. Quick test and forget for 6 months or longer. There is nothing...
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    Beginner Advice Sought On Interior Cathedral Photography

    Just to add further to the thread. I have done the inside of a couple of large cathedrals (York and Lincoln). You might want to try HDR. I set up a Sigma 10 - 20 or a 24-70 usually on a small jobo pod. Then take 5 exposures using AEB. Careful processing can produce some good results with stain...
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    BTCC Oulton Park

    A couple of shots from Sunday's racing at Oulton Park. 1 978A2586 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr 2 978A3444 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr 3 978A3750 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr 4 978A4527 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
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    Stephensons Rocket

    This is the original Rocket. It is on loan to the Museum of Science and Industry. I think it is based in a London museum (not sure why given it ran from Manchester to Liverpool) This is part of the history of rail transport which started in the NW of England.
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    Beginner How to protect Lens - Filters or Not

    My offering to the the thread. I don't use filters but ensure the lens hood is fitted. As for cleaning the front element I blow on it then use a spectacle wipe. These are cheap from the likes of Wilkos or Savers and do a good job of cleaning away any grease or marks on the lens. (just like they...
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    Red Squirrels

    Many thanks for the comments
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    Red Squirrels

    A couple from a recent visit to Formby Point 1 IMG_4401 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr 2 IMG_4424 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr 3 IMG_4513 by Degsys Pics, on Flickr
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    Help - Photoshop Elements - Image Issues

    Hi This is called posterization. It is due to having a small bit depth. The following link explains this in some detail.