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    Beginner What is a good photographer?

    Ok, i see a few people mentioned photography is a business, i disagree as many photographers do not do it to make money. My view on what makes a good photographer, essentially, you need to understand 3 things. Light - Understanding light is one of the key elements to being a good...
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    A7 III or A9 with 70-200 G or GM

    I have the A7RIII and A9, High res sensor aside, there are big difference between the A7 and A9, the A9 is in a whole other level, not just its 20fps speed but speed overall, turning on, going through menus, it is FAST! and then there is the AF, it really is another level over pretty much...
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    Nikon d850 "in development"

    I picked up mine Monday evening, i havent had a chance to really give it a good work out yet but coming from a D800e so far it is everything i expected it would be!
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    Beginner Shooting a family event (no pressure then)

    As well as practising at home, take a look at the venue if you can, better if you can visit during the time you will be shooting there to see what the light is like and get some test shots to fine tune your settings. With those, its also a good idea to start getting an idea of what type of...
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    Nikon D3200 v Nikon 5100

    5100 as it a higher number than 3200 :p One has a flippy screen, one doesnt amongst other things!
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    The "Red" Woman

    Haha, funny you say that as the first 2 are my favorite "light" wise!
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    If you only ever watch one photography video ......

    Really great video, certainly made me re-think a few things, especially when something catches my eye, i would usually take a quick shot, or decide it was nothing and move on.
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    The "Red" Woman

    Here are a few shots of Elena. most taken with one SB-700 into a softbox. I'm really getting into lighting and have alot to learn, so any help and advice is appreciated! Red Russian by David Izzo, on Flickr The Artist's Tools by David Izzo, on Flickr The Red Woman by David Izzo, on Flickr...
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    Let's see your graffiti and street art shots

    All Women? by David Izzo, on Flickr
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    When wedding shoots go wrong

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    Here is mine!
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    Recommend me a useful piece of kit (£50)

    Another +1 for a 50mm 1.8!
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    Lightpainting Toys?

    I just bought a bunch of glowsticks to mess around with whilst the weather is being non compliant, i have a few ideas on what i want to do which is most likely going to result in me glowing various colours for a while after!
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    Tamron AF 17-50mm f/2.8 SP XR Di II LD Aspherical [IF] VC NIKON

    Both the Tamron and the Sigma 17-50 2.8 lenses are very highly regarded. I have the Sigma and have used the Tamron, both super sharp with really nice Bokeh, i would say the only thing that sets them apart is the Sigma feels more solid to hold and use. I would say you would be very wise to...
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    Tamron 17-50

    In terms of bang for buck you cant really do much better for the price, super sharp, nice bokeh and generally a really good piece of glass. I think the only downside is build quality, although the one i used was actually pretty good in that area too. Check out some shots from it...