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    Durdle Door Milky Way

    Very nice like it a lot.:)
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    7D MK11 Video

    Thank you kingo15 will look into it.
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    7D MK11 Video

    Thank you Tdes
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    7D MK11 Video

    Thank you artyman will have a look.
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    7D MK11 Video

    Thanks for the info Tdes. Very helpful I didn't want to buy one if it doesn't loose the noise. Lot of money for not much better. What settings are best for video? and where to focus for landscape.
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    7D MK11 Video

    Hi Ive had a reply from canon and they have advised I get an external microphone like this one Canon DM-E1 Directional Stereo Microphone Below is a link to the microphone. Has anybody got one or used one. Good reviews or bad On the canon site it is £345.99 and on Wex photographic £273.00...
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    7D MK11 Video

    Hi I have a Canon 7D MK11 when I go into the video using any lens using auto focusing on playback I get a noise like a chattering as the focus goes from one point to another (zoom in zoom out) which is very annoying is this normal or am I doing something wrong I am a complete novice at this. I'd...
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    Is this a Mistle Thrush?

    I would say it is a song thrush
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    Lets see your panoramas

    Two of mine from Lulworth Cove Top One Taken February 2018 and the bottom October 2018
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    Critique Winter Road To Crai

    Thank you for the like flook999 and justpix.
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    Critique Crai Reservoir

    Thanks for your comments this is the colour version. The sky was absolutely clear but with strong sunshine.