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    Critique Winter Road To Crai

    Thank you for the like flook999 and justpix.
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    Critique Crai Reservoir

    Thanks for your comments this is the colour version. The sky was absolutely clear but with strong sunshine.
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    Critique Crai Reservoir

    Crai Reservoir December 2017
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    Critique Winter Road To Crai

    This was taken 2 years ago late in the afternoon any comments.
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    River in Christchurch Dorset.

    What's everybody's opinion on my processing on this image good or bad.
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    Can anyone recommend a good quality printing service?

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    Moel Siabod on fire

    Stunning image I like that a lot :)(y)
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    White Mill Bridge - Dorset

    Fab image like the mist lifting off the river
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    Snowy North Yorks today...

    Thank you for the info Steelo and by the way the first one is great(y)(y)
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    Snowy North Yorks today...

    Great images.:):) What vehicle did you have?
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    canon 9000f scanner

    I have this canon 9000f scanner which used to work on XP now I want to use it on windows 10. I've been in touch with canon and they have told me I need to install new drivers which I have done but windows 10 doesn't recognize my scanner. it seems that the drivers are not installed. Anybody know...