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    Wild Twite

    First day out with a camera this year and I resolved to get closer to the Twites again, but it wasn't the best of days for photographing birds. I picked a spot which was damp and bloody cold (2 degrees), then proceeded to lie as motionless as I could on the ground amongst the near-frozen grass...
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    Critique Landscape cliché or beginners luck?

    There are lots of guys with Ferrari's who can't drive for tuppence! ;) As I said in my opening post, this is the first time I have ever gone out with an express intention of shooting a landscape. The 24-70 was my first L-lens purchase a long time ago, but it's rarely been used, other than for...
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    Critique Landscape cliché or beginners luck?

    Thank-you gremlin16. I'm with you on this, I think! Despite breaking 'the rules', I believe that the extra rock provides more balance to the shot, and the triangulation with the vessel at sea works better (for me at least).
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    Critique Landscape cliché or beginners luck?

    Just a quick crop and change of aspect: Difficult to extract more detail from the rock and I'm inclined to think that this has become too much of a focal poiint now, rather than the light pillar. Difficult one to call..... :thinking:
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    Critique Landscape cliché or beginners luck?

    My 'thing' is wildlife/birds, but I got a call from a fellow wildlife tog on Boxing Day suggesting that we get up early to attempt something different - sunrise on a beach! The thought of getting up at silly o'clock to walk over a beach in the dark didn't appeal much, but neither did wasting a...
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    A Bearded tit Panurus biarmicus set

    Jealous - Number three is head and shoulders above - well done!
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    Waxwing in flight with protein snack!

    Thanks for the comments folks. I'm not sure that the shot merits any further shadow work - it is what it is! Also, I'd no idea that these guys didn't errupt further south of the border and could have sworn that I saw reports of loads of them in England a few years ago! I could always put up a...
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    Lightroom 6

    There are two answers to this question...... Yes, you can install one licensed copy on two machines BUT You can't use them at the same time, as the license is for one user (owner of both machines). In short, it would not be right to 'go halves' in the same way as you could not go halves on a...
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    Waxwing in flight with protein snack!

    Thanks Kevin. There are so many of them about here just now (circa three hundred birds in a few trees up in Elgin today) that it's becomming the norm to see the 'standard shot' of a bird with a berry on every second persons Facebook post. So, we decided to try something different. Not as easy...
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    Yes, I met your good lady there and that was probably the high point in the hide on Thursday. Nothing exciting as far as birds was concerned, but I did glimpse and otter in front of the hide, which was a first for me on the east coast.(y)
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    Waxwing in flight with protein snack!

    If you've had enough of waxwings with berries (my Facebook is full of them just now), how's this for something a bit different? A fellow tog suggested we go for flight shots this morning, instead of the same old berry shots. There was quite a lot of fly-catching activity today and I was lucky...
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