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    Beginner How to protect Lens - Filters or Not

    I dropped my wide angle lens last week in its case, felt sick and to my relief only the filter had shattered. Bought more filters for other lenses now.
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    I went to night school , watched loads of you tube tutorials. Photography workshops ,bought courses on EBay and still learning.
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    Workshop Photographic Events and Workshops

    I have been on a few workshops from this site and found them really good
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    First go at Ice Hockey

    Love this sport and pictures are good.
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    Thinking of doing a basic photography course in essex

    Hi Steve,dont know if this will help but found this online course on Groupon.
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    Great pics
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    Polar Bears

    awesome pics
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    kestrel, male & female

    Awesome pics
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    Early morning stag

    Great pic
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    Red devil

    Great PIc
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    Female Kestrel

    great pic
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    Birds/owl locations in and around manchester?

    Hi Matt, Have you tried the RSPB website may help.
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    Huge garden bird

    great pic,can i just ask a question.What lense did you use to capture a shot like this,me being an amatuer would love to take a pic anywhere near this.thanks