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    Storage/Workflow ideas to edit on laptop but store long-term on external HD

    Hi guys, After 7 years I'm finally updating my MacBook pro. My existing Lightroom catalog/folder setup has become a bit of a nightmare over the years, and I'm looking to make a fresh start that will keep me organized for the next few years until I sell another organ to upgrade again. I can...
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    Nothing bigger than a hand phone on flights into US and UK

    Not great if you're a working pro or just transferring through these locations.
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    I would absolutely consult a lawyer before printing or speaking to the photographer, or indeed your sister. What is a couple of thousand pounds for the sake of peace of mind?
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    Buying a small, light Canon SLR for my girlfriend.

    Thanks for the recommendations guys. I hadn't really thought of the mirrorlesses since a friend of mine had a bad experience with the original M offering... I suppose they've probably improved since, however
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    Buying a small, light Canon SLR for my girlfriend.

    sorry, that wasn't the best choice of words! My 550D was also excellent, to be fair. I bought my 5d mainly for outside sports photography where I really wanted the better AF, FPS and weather sealing. For a lot of other uses thought the 550 did a superb job. I'm just a little unfamiliar with...
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    Buying a small, light Canon SLR for my girlfriend.

    My girlfriend is keen to start learning about photography, and I'm looking to buy her a small DSLR to get started. I have a 5D3 and 6D plus a range of lenses, which she is starting to play with - she just finds them a bit too cumbersome and heavy to carry on any regular basis (as do I, tbh). I...
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Owners Thread

    direct flights from heathrow to JFK next week are $720 - with NY sales tax included flying to NY and getting one from B+H is still gbp150 cheaper than going into jessops
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Owners Thread

    not as painful for me living in the US at $3,499 (plus sales tax of ~9% here in NY) but not enough to make me upgrade from my mk3. I'm one of the few who do find wifi useful (I use it on a 6d quite frequently) and extra MP would be nice occasionally, but nothing that really grabs me. I agree...
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    Anyone shot the Pikes Peak Hill Climb before?

    I've wanted to go to see the Pikes Peak hill climb ever since discovering it through driving the Suzuki Pikes Peak Escudo in Gran Turismo as a young'un, and whilst I'm out here living in the US I figured I should have a stab at it. Flights have just gone on sale for next year's event and I...
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    Broken filter on a 70-200 f2.8 II - how to clean?

    TBH this whole thing has made me wonder why I even use a filter on the 70-200. I still like to on my shorter lenses as the hoods only provide relatively minimal protection, but the 70-200 is so well hidden by the petal hood that I don't think the filter is really adding anything.
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    Shots The You Regret missing.

    same here... a couple of years ago in Yosemite was walking through the forest without a care in the world when a large black bear slowly bumbled out in front of me. Remembering the warning posters I picked up a rock ready to throw near the bear if it became aggressive, but it just sauntered on...
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    Broken filter on a 70-200 f2.8 II - how to clean?

    thanks for all the advice! In the end a combination of a makeup brush and compressed air with the help of my local camera shop broadly did the trick. There are a couple of very small scratches left over but nothing that seems to impair image quality, to my eye at least. Unfortunately with...
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    Broken filter on a 70-200 f2.8 II - how to clean?

    Two weeks ago I put away my almost new lens after some light use, and all was well. Nothing has happened to it during the intervening time to my knowledge (no kids or anything, bag tucked away safely), but I opened my bag today to find my filter broken with shards of glass resting on the front...
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    New York City (quite photo heavy)

    great set - a nice mixture of the classics (like #6) and some less usual detail shots. I've lived here for just over a year... very fun city. Glad you got good weather - it's been a real mixed bag this year.
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    Some NYC Snaps

    thanks for your comments mrbarker, phil, carl. Carl, you'll love it here. The weather finally seems to be improving, so you've picked your time well