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    Simonside in the Northumberland hills

    Took the family for a lovely 6m walk up in the hills today and included two of my hobbies in parallel: a little spot of VHF amateur radio (being so high is great), and of course, some photography. Here's a shot on the descent back down from the top of the hill. Hope you like.
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    Seattle Sunset

    You should be very proud of that shot, it's lovely. I love the contrast between the urban area and the mountain and the amount of detail overall is great. Well done
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    The bridge in Fordingbridge

    Number 1 is lovely, great composition and the smooth water is spot on. Very nice
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    Aurora from just by Newcastle

    Thanks! First (and maybe last?!) time! Cheers [emoji106]
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    Just before dawn

    Absolutely fabulous, all of them. Very hard to pick a favourite as they're all so good but I'd plump for number 1. Has an eerie 'world just waking' feel to it. Well done
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    Aurora from just by Newcastle

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm somewhat of a beginner with LR so I'll give your tips a try, cheers. :)
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    Aurora from just by Newcastle

    Thanks all. Yes fair point about the rocks. I lost sight of them with the excitement of the green stuff! Cheers
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    Aurora from just by Newcastle

    Not a patch on the amazing images I've seen on here & elsewhere this past 24 hours but thought I'd share my efforts from March 7th. 1st time I've ever seen it, spotted a faint green from the window so rushed out with the older boy totally unprepared a few miles up the road to escape the light...
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    Critique A lovely dawn on Rannoch Moor

    This is beautiful and the aspect ratio works for me. Fantastic
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    Back from my sabbatical with a few from Glencoe

    Wow these are absolutely tremendous. 2 and 6 my favourites, 2 in particular, I'm a sucker for a good reflection and the depth that this coveys is fantastic. Top work [emoji106]
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    Another Newcastle Quayside pic

    It was about 1750 on 14th Feb.
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    Sturdy tripod

    Lots of options, if weight isn't too much of an issue the good old Manfrotto 055 is worth a look, solid as a rock in my experience, tho a bit more than £100 once you include a head. I'm sure though there'll be a lot of other ideas too that are nearer budget.
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    Another Newcastle Quayside pic

    Thanks again everyone, really appreciated.
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    First Light at Llyn Llydaw

    These are all stunning, well done. #1 my fave.
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    Another Newcastle Quayside pic

    Thanks again for the feedback. Beginners luck with the new kit :) Yeh I know what you mean about the blue. When looking back at the processed image I started to question had I maybe pushed the saturation too hard in LR but on re-checking it's not been moved from zero at all. As for the Tyne...