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    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" (2019) 32GB LTE

    I've had on for about 5 months now. and I'm very pleased with it. I've got a fair number of apps on it and it runs very smoothly, certainly no problems with screens changing or getting lost. I'd certainly get another. It does everything I want
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    Macbook Pro info required

    It came Vista intalled and runs everything I have, music and photo editing, full microsoft office suite and not surprisingly browsing and all that. All done on the Windows 10 drivers and I've had no problems at all. I'm not expectiong to run the latest games, of course. I was just responding to...
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    Macbook Pro info required

    I'm running windows 10 1809 on a 10 year old inspiron 1525 and it runs just fine on the stock machine. So I'd disagree with that statement. I just did a straight install and it runs with no problems.
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    PC Screen capture software

    I've used Camstudio in the past for this. It was pretty good.
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    Another Monitor Question

    Do you mean you can't use a spyder, i1 etc. on them?
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    Graphic card equivalents

    This might be a little help for deciding
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    IOS8.1 Don't also on BBC site
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    D90 Firmware upgrade

    Just had an email from Nikon support that a D90 firmare upgrade is available. Details on the Nikon support downloads area.
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    No bootable device (assistance please)

    There are generic keys which will allow installation but not activation - this requires the key in the bios. There's info on my digital life if you search for windows 8 generic keys and as for as I can tell it's legitimate.
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    'Identity' Photography?

    Try an internet search like "photography theme identity" or similar. Quite a bit seems to come up to give ideas.
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    Composure - a concise refresher

    Thanks, interesting video.