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    How safe would you feel out alone with your camera equipment ?

    Theodore Roosevelt: Speak softly and carry a big tripod (with a big, cheap, heavy and lumpy steel ball head) ;)
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    Anyone else fallen out of love with Flickr?

    I rather like Flickr and see it as a place for publishing photos that photographers would like shown for the merit of the imagery alone. I don’t use Instagram but largely I see that more as platform for publishing photos that have a back story such as “Hey, look at me and how great my wonderful...
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    Back-up software

    SyncToy works for me.
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    'Stealing a living', apparently.

    I’d have laughed at him. Does this knob somehow have some sort of divine right to be protected from the usual competition and market forces that affect all other businesses?
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    Beginner Common Abreviations

    APS-C Advanced Photo System type-C
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    Paralysis by analysis D3300 upgrade

    yes, should have added that information. Sort of stuff I like shooting is landscape, found still life, architectural details, urbex. More often than not I use a tripod. Don’t do too much wildlife but occasionally like some macro/close up on flowers. Never do sport or portraiture.
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    Paralysis by analysis D3300 upgrade

    So I seem to be over thinking things regarding which way forward t upgrade from my Nikon D3300. When I first bought the D3300 I followed the conventional wisdom of “Save if for the glass...” and as a consequence I find myself quite heavily invested in Nikon DX lenses. These are as follows...
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    Grey Vs Used. Am I missing something?

    Wow. Such a lot of replies in such a short time. I’m still baffled though: MPB : Used D7200 £ 549 E-infin : New D7500 £ 589 The prices are so close for two items that would seemingly be quite wide apart. It’s like a brand new, out-the-packet £20,000 motor sitting next to a three-year-old...
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    Grey Vs Used. Am I missing something?

    I was going to post this on the thread currently running about the prices of new and second hand gear being somewhat out of sync. However, I didn't want to take that thread off topic and had a few other questions I was hoping could be answered. So I was this week just about to pull the trigger...
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    Fiction, wanted, for chaps

    I went through a stage a few decades back of reading almost the whole of Wilbur Smiths back catalogue and I loved his stuff. His early books (which you mention) are superb but I think in later years he seems to have been doing the writer's equivalent of painting by numbers. I suspect that quite...
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    Fiction, wanted, for chaps

    The best series of historic fiction books that I have ever read has to be the Flashman Papers by George Macdonald Fraser. They are such a hoot and outrageously un-PC to boot. They really do hit the spot from a historical perspective. In fact, I think I owe more of my knowledge on Britain's...
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    Notre Dame in Flames

    Are these investigators the quasi-architectural type?
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    Church Interiors - an open thread.

    Coat Hooks and Holy Scriptures