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    Jetski Racing

    Great set! I used to race Jet-Ski's (back in the day! :lol:) and would have loved to have shots like this from my races. The 1st one brings it all back, setting up for a turn whilst trying to keep it flat. Excellent! I hope you get good sales from your efforts. :thumbs:

    Folkestone coastal

    Excellent images! The rich hues in the sky make both shots. I particularly like the low POV in the second shot making the structure push up into a silhouette. Compositions are hard to fault. Great job! :thumbs:

    Backlit wetland

    Nice Bokeh! ;) This image shouts LATE SUMMER SUN and on a day like today (wet & windy here) warms me up no end. :thumbs:

    10 stop Lake (B&W or not)

    I forgot to mention that there is a sign of oversharpening on the mountain ridge. You should also try to "soften" this by masking this when adjusting. :thumbs:

    10 stop Lake (B&W or not)

    Given that the image has a good composition and exposure it should really work either as a colour or B&W image. Your B&W edit has revealed that their is more detail in the cloud so you could pull this out on the colour image as well which would improve that image. Good B&W's usually have...

    Day break on the farm

    Lovely! You could have taken that shot every day for a lifetime and it would never have come up like that. It shows how light is THE ingredient. Well seen and captured mate! :thumbs:

    Tonights Sunset

    Matt, there is a good reason many successful landscape shots do NOT have the sun in them. Usually the light values are too wide ranging to render both sun and subject(s). This is the trouble you are having here, your choice is to either render the sun and sky or attempt to hold detail in the...

    Night Time Excapade

    Agree with the previous poster that the third image is the best by far - and it is a belter! Invest in a graduated filter to control the street lights and you will be killing it every time! :thumbs:

    Misty morning over a lake

    Great image with the light working well for me. The darker area to the left does make the image look a bit heavy to that side but that is a (very) small crit. Your scene is not level. You can check this by using one of the high points of the tree and it's reflection - they should be exactly...

    Sunset at the Lakes

    You have the composition right :thumbs: but the exposure was always going to be the problem here. In getting an exposure that renders the entire scene in an acceptable way you have lost detail in the darker areas whilst still having highlights to deal with. Remember, the eye is always drawn...

    Aberdeen Groynes

    Thanks guys. Now it is funny that you want more off the sky as I was wanting the horizon to be MORE central (but cannot crop further without losing balance elsewhere) as this makes the picture more neutral in my view. My thinking being that the "blown" highlights create the drama and the...

    Aberdeen Groynes

    You're having a laugh surely! :thinking: :lol: Thanks for the feedback though. :thumbs:

    Aberdeen Groynes

    Was at Aberdeen Beach this morning and have a few of these. First one processed is towards the "over" exposed but still like this. Thoughts?

    North Atlantic Swell

    Well my Highland camper-van pulls out to head for France in the morning but a shot like that makes me wonder why I am leaving. Well handled sir. Where exactly is this? :thumbs:

    Moray Coast last Saturday

    I enjoyed a great little flight from Kingston beach to Portsoy on the Moray Coast along with two other paramotor pilots on Saturday past. Many more images were taken but for some reason these three remind me how much I enjoyed the flight. #1 Richard over Bow Fiddle rock (famous rock with most...