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    Best website building website for a photography portfolio?

    Hi Rob! just read it and very interesting! the question is: which hosting service are you actually using? at what cost? I am not a professional and I stopped my smugmug subscription. POrtfolio is a good free alternative (I am subscribed to adobe ph and lr) but I would love your advice on which...
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    Fujifilm X-H1

    Amazing shot Graham!
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    Battersea Power Station

    Thanks a lot everyone!
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    Fujifilm X-H1

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    Fujifilm X-H1

    3. Hampstead
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    Fujifilm X-H1

    2. Mantova at sunset - Italy
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    Fujifilm X-H1

    Here I am with three pics taken with x-h1 1. Vauxhall
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    Winding down to Baker street

    WHere is the exact place? I mean: on Baker street station. But which line/platform? Thanks
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    Portland Bill Lighthouse - Dorset

    You re totally right! I will try now. I know only how to use lightroom. I'll give a go
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    Woodland Wander & Freezing Cold

    Woodland Wander. Top. Very nice
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    Portland Bill Lighthouse - Dorset

    Hope you like it!
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    Battersea Power Station

    Taken 1 month ago on a bloody cold evening
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    Merry Christmas one and all.

    Merry Christmas! Now let me ask all of you something: for an unpredictable series of events tomorrow I will be alone and I was thinking to spend some time enjoyg London without anyone around. Any ideas where I can take full advantage of the situation? Thanks!
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    What will be your next photography related purchase? Or what photography gear do you lust after?

    Lusting after a Canon 35mm 1.4 II and the 56mm fuji In second instance the 100-400 MK2 !!