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    Intermittent photo issues

    The first image shows that the camera locked focus on the bird with the RED focus point. The second image shows that the camera did NOT lock focus as no focus points are highlighted in red. Also the blurring in the red box seems to be inconsistent with the rest of the blurring in the image.
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    Intermittent photo issues

    Might I suggest that you share a RAW file with us where you are happy with the image. It will give us something to compare to.
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    Intermittent photo issues

    According to the EXIF, 3 of the images were taken using ONE SHOT, and only 1 was shot in MANUAL FOCUS. If you think the blur is caused by a shift in the image then maybe your tripod is moving.
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    Intermittent photo issues

    Are you sure that you are allowing the camera to attain focus before you trip the shutter? The reason I say this is because non of the focus points in the 4 images that you have posted are highlighted in red.
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    The virus. PPE. Part 1

    But the moronic morons that are going to these places know that the facilities are closed. Surely it makes more sense to go to the Peak District and Lake District, etc, when the pubs, cafes, shops and tourist attractions are open, that way they can put money into the local economy. Unfortunately...
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    Neighbours: who needs them

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    The Inconstant Gardner

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    Should anti-tattoo discrimination be illegal?

    So you are saying that you would employ him to look after a corpse.
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    New Era at Cadwell Park 17-Apr-2010

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    Black-headed Gull

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    A Few from Fairburn

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