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    Scotney Castle

    Love this place, will re-visit once the rodos r out... Scotney Castle by jamesst1968, on Flickr
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    Misty Dawn Moods by the River

    blooming fantastic shot!
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    Brands Hatch 750MC 0 Slow panning

    My fave shots of the day: Brands Hatch - 750 MC - Porsche 917 at 1/30 by jamesst1968, on Flickr Ford GT40 - Brands Hatch 750MC - Low shutter speeds by jamesst1968, on Flickr
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    Three of my fave shots from 2012

    thanks buddy, good points, yep all hand held, I never use monopods when panning and I normally go for the lower speeds...
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    Three of my fave shots from 2012

    There's been many faves and many disasters, these are some of my faves whilst adjusting Flickr: The Goodwood Revival 2012 - Lancia D24 V Ferrari by jamesst1968, on Flickr The Goodwood Revival 2012 - AC Cobra 4727cc Erica Austin by jamesst1968, on Flickr Performance Ford /...
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    VW / Brooklands

    Thanks guys! Cheeky buggers some of u ;)
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    VW / Brooklands

    thanks! no I changed the black and white processing and this in turn brightened the VW badge...
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    VW / Brooklands

    Love Brooklands, love VW's more... Brooklands Autumn Motorsport Day - VW Bus on the banking by jamesst1968, on Flickr
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    Misty sunny morning

    Oxleas woods - Shooters hill Early morning - Oxleas Woods by jamesst1968, on Flickr
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    A Welsh Sunrise

    damn gorgeous!
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    Please feed the birds !!!

    Morning Visitor 5 by jamesst1968, on Flickr my seeders are being well used! then this little critter came along: New morning Visitor! by jamesst1968, on Flickr
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    Lets see your panning shots

    a few of my faves: Catherham at brands taken at 1/40 - graham smith by jamesst1968, on Flickr Sideways heavyweight by jamesst1968, on Flickr Caterham 7 Brands Hatch 19th Feb 2012 EASYTRACK at 1/20 by jamesst1968, on Flickr Jordan - Honda BTCC Testing Brands Hatch by jamesst1968, on Flickr...
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    Tree Creeper

    Beautiful shot
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    Thundersport GB - Brands Hatch - 4th March - LEMMINGS!

    some superb shots here buddy, love the last one on the first set but I'm sure the rider didn't lol
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    so so sharp