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    Blue tit

    Thank you very much both
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    Blue tit

    A closeup of a bluetit . Taken at my hide in the sirhowy valleys
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    some of my landscapes

    I love #2.....the rocks under the bridge looks like its a figure guarding the bridge.
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    Lost Shoe

    I've always wondered about that. There are soo many shoes on the roads these days.
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    Abstract shot

    Looks alittle like one of the V graters you can buy
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    England v Wales blog post up

    For it to be a TRY doesnt the hand have to be on the top of the ball to put pressure on it ?
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    Please delete. double post

    Nope red cross for me too
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    Bank Vole

    Thank you very much. I was watching it for about an hour before I photographed it as it wanted to let it get its confirdance up first.
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    Blue tit

    Cheer Lee.
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    Blue tit

    Cheers for you comment. But thats wildlife photography for you. You cant help or demand where they land.
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    Bank Vole

    Glad this little fella turned up this morning as there was very little action there this morning. The light was very poor so had to crank the ISO up to 1600 to get any type of shutter speed to freeze this Bank Vole in motion.
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    Blue tit

    Thanks for the comment Rich. Next time I'll him a shout and ask him to look this way. Lol. :lol::lol::lol:
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    Blue tit

    Well i was deleting images from last weeks shot at my mate hide when I came across this one and thought to myself....Wow thats a saver.
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    Another Robin red breast

    Its bright on my laptop screen. Unless i tilt it right back
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    A Little Wren

    Thank you both.