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    Debut for world's fastest camera

    I have already used a camera which does 500fps and another at 16,000 fps.
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    Tell us a photo job you ****~e up

    Doing a corporate golf day shooting the golfers swings with a high speed camera, the saleman was demoing the camera and it failed. Luckly I had my 1d as a backup. No i did not buy the camera in the end
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    How do you get to photograph 'stuff'...?

    Do a search on Google or any search engine for car cruising forums, then join the forums and offer your services, If you are doing it for FOC, they will bite your hand off. Another good way is talk to the owners/moderators of car forums and offer your services to take pictures of club...
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    This looks to good to be true?

    thanks for the feed back I was thinking the same thing
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    This looks to good to be true?

    Hi all, Has anyone ever used removed for buying software? Their prices seamed to good to be true? Thanks
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    yet another request for feedback

    Yes it is with Compila,
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    yet another request for feedback

    Afternoon all, Yes its another one of those request for feedback on a website. The site is still work in progress so there are no contact phone numbers or area covered yet Thanks
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    Help with lighting

    thank you for advice cherryrig
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    Help with lighting

    I have to shoot a group shot this weekend, there are 4 people in the group and have the following. 2 x Portaflash 336 1 x softbax 1 x umbrilla Background and stands. My question is what is the best light set up to go for?
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    Pixel Genius photokit sharpener

    Hi Has anyone used Pixel Genius photokit sharpener? is it worth the $99, what are the results like?
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    Which lens for a ballon flight

    Next weekend I am going on a ballon flight now I can not decide which would be the best len/lenes to take I was thinking 50 f1.4 and or 28-300 IS. Other lens I have are 24-70 2.8 or 70-200 2.8 i will be taking photos of the ballon being inflated then shots as the ballon drifts over surrey
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    Starting up a photographic business

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. market research[/B] I have spent 3 months researching my target market so have a good understand of who I am going to target marketing The website will only be a small part of my marketing. The main use for the website will be for online purchasing and...
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    Starting up a photographic business

    I will be doing weddings ,events and portraits(sp), equipment cost have been taken into account within the business plan but thanks for the feedback
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    Starting up a photographic business

    I plan to launch a photography company in June. yes I will be part time to start, but within 7 years I plan to be a full time photographer. My business plan reflects this. As I have spent a lot of time on this I just want to listed everything I have sorted just to check in case I missed...
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    5d or 1DSmk2

    the studio work will mainly be of portraits, shoot in a studio or on location at client houses.