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    Canon 17-40L vs. 17-55 IS dilemma

    I noticed that the Amazon one wasn't actually Amazon before I clicked the button thankfully and have ordered with Kerso. I've had stuff from him in the past and trust him. This is a lot of money to entrust someone with so I'd rather do it with a known source. Thanks :)
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    Canon 17-40L vs. 17-55 IS dilemma

    Oh right, so very split opinions then :p I'm very unlikely to move to FF simply because I find them too heavy to lug around. If anything, I'll upgrade to a second hand 7D once the model is replaced. Anyway, thanks for your opinions. The 17-55 IS is it! Amazon are actually selling it cheaper...
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    Canon 17-40L vs. 17-55 IS dilemma

    I have a Canon 30D and by far my most used lens is my Tamron 17-35mm F2.8-4. It's a great lens, but I've just had my work bonus and want to spoil myself to some L glass, which I've been thinking about for years. My Dad is a pro photographer and has the 17-40L on a 5D MKII. I've tried it on the...
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    Cobra 700AF Flash

    Send me a PM if you can't get it. I might still have it floating around somewhere... although I upgraded to a Speedlite a few years ago, can't bear to throw any of my old gear away!! :)
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    My 10k training. From an unfit 19stone, to a 10k run in 8 months.....

    Sorry to hear you've had to put the running on the back burner for the past few months. I'm sure you'll get yourself sorted into the new year :) Sounds like you're keeping yourself active in your job though, which is fantastic. It's all excercise after all. I think you might be right with the...
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    Replacement part for dropped 30D

    I was too, but it was the only place that I managed to get to respond to my request so I had to bite the bullet.
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    My 10k training. From an unfit 19stone, to a 10k run in 8 months.....

    Hi Marcel, Just noticed this thread and thought I'd see how your training is going. Are you still running and have you managed to sort out what was behind the cause of your leg pain yet? I have been running since Feb this year and completed my first 10k in June and then my first Half Marathon...
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    Replacement part for dropped 30D

    Thanks for the replies. I got in touch with the Colechester Camera Repair place (along with a couple of other places) and they replied saying they could get me a new part for £20 so I ordered it :) Replacement is very simple and doesn't involve taking anything apart thankfully :) It even comes...
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    Replacement part for dropped 30D

    I knocked my 30D off the side this morning. It over balanced because I'd left the beanbag on the bottom and the flash on the top, so it's totally my fault and I feel like a right numpty :'( Anyway, the plastic bit over the LCD screen on the top of the camera has smashed. The LCD screen itself...
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    Fuji S1000FD Question

    I'm about to get one of these for the BF as a very late Christmas present (finallly had my refund from a delinquent ebay seller) and have noticed that the max XD-card size it will take is 2GB. I can't find anything about maximum SD card size though. Does anyone know if the same limit applies to...
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    Arrrrgh I just dropped my camera :'(

    Christ, lucky escape there Marcel!! I REALLY should get a filter on my Tamron 17-35. It's the only lens I have that doesn't have a UV to protect it... and it's probably the most expensive! lol. Dropped my 300D tonnes of times whilst I had it, and it bounced quite well. So much for a plasticy...
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    Flower close ups

    Love the last two. I've always liked dandelions, and this really brings out their form. What did you do in PS to get the effects on the last two?
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    Lilly Macro

    That's a very good point actually. I'll just have to get the BF to buy me some more flowers and try again ;)
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    St Peters Chapel built in 654AD

    I'm not sure what you're aiming for colourwise here, but to me it looks like it has a yellow cast and it slightly oversaturated. I really like the sky in this though and think that the overall principle of combining the shots works. Compositionwise, I think I would have gone in a bit closer...
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    Cat bells and day dreams

    Oh my, that is absolutely beautiful! We're going to camp in Keswick next weekend. Will make sure I have all my kit with me :)