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    The virus. PPE

    Most "indian" restuarants and takeaways in the UK are actually bangladeshi and a lot of the dishes served are nothing like you'd get if you ordered the same thing over there. If, as you say, that dish even exists over there lol
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    Editing laptop for around £1000

    Spotted this while browsing overclockers, very fast for the money. Only 512GB storage, but it's NVME storage so fast...
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    What medium for "forever" backup?

    How much data are we talking about? An SD card will last about 10 years, an SSD less than that. An M-Disc will last 1332 years, but can only hold 25GB per disc -
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    SONOS speaker and devices

    I have a mixture of their devices, don't see the issue. They'll still continue to work.
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    Have you told your child its naughty

    So you can still punish a child for acting naughty. You can teach a child that their actions are right/wrong. You can call a child good/naughty if you want, some research has suggested there are better ways of dealing with it though. And the snowflakes are offended by the suggestion? Is that...
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    Have you told your child its naughty

    They might be a boy or a girl. They're probably not inherently good or bad though.
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    Have you told your child its naughty

    No one has said you can't praise or discipline a child. They can do good or bad things. But labelling the child as good/bad rather than the actions as being good/bad can be more damaging in the long run. Is what the research says.
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    Holidays 2020

    Slovenia is lovely. We're crap snowboarders so Kranjska Gora is perfect for us haha.
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    Holidays 2020

    Three weeks in Thailand in August and will probably find an Airbnb in France earlier in the year and take a road trip over there. Trying to fit in a sailing trip to holland early summer too.
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    Security Camera.

    We have the Blink kit, works really well, have a couple of them wired into USB indoors and two battery powered outdoor ones. Batteries probably only last about 6 months though, probably because it's cold outdoors here.
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    Had a major Brexit fright today

    The report doesn't say it's every single carwash either.
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    Had a major Brexit fright today

    No one has said it isn't happening.
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    Had a major Brexit fright today

    A bloke in the sauna told me 99% give receipts.
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    Had a major Brexit fright today

    No I'm sure some are dodgy. Just not all of them. And as several people have shown above, the numbers can add up. The local one to me charges £5 for a wash and it's done in about 10 minutes. Running costs are low. It's just like any other business playing the volume game. The owners probably...