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    My Nephew Corey

    Here is one, my favourite taken in the mid afternoon whilst chasing my GF around the garden! Will also add people are not my first choice to take pictures of so i am happy for as much C&C to improve this as a friend has asked me to do lots of photos for his new business. Corey Playing by...
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    My Nephew Corey

    Thank you. I'm still learning photoshop/Lightroom few things I need to learn like removing backgrounds properly etc. Does look a lot better though thanks :)
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    My Nephew Corey

    To be honest he walked at my camera on full auto thought it came out ok. I see where your coming from and thank you for your responses things to think about. I played a bit more this afternoon and did exactly what has been said with single point focus on the eyes and stuffs and got some really...
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    My Nephew Corey

    Here are a few on my nephew Corey yesterday whilst playing. Used a few presets in lightroom for the edits just playing about. 1. Original Corey-5 by Will Goodsell, on Flickr 2. Corey-6 by Will Goodsell, on Flickr 3. Corey-4 by Will Goodsell, on Flickr 4. Corey-3 by...
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    Show us your Desktop

    My desktop currently after a recent clean up Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 22.33.27 by Will Goodsell, on Flickr With one of my photos from Old Warden the other week!
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    Please shut the gate!

    I like that one!
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    I have just ordered my new lens from Jessops on there interest free credit also makes the lens cheaper with the canon cashback offer. It was out of stock and said available within 10 days and so far the lens is in stock after 8 days but the filter i ordered with it is still on back order. They...
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    Tutorial How to photograph the moon

    This thread has been bookedmarked going to be trying this out very soon!
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    Weekend double: Silverstone & Snetterton

    Loving 6 with the wheel pop! Out of interest what settings did you use for number 1? Cheers Will
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    Red snapper tripod and head

    Was about to say i have a red snapper tripod and use it occasionally its a good tripod for the price :thumbs:
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    Just been offered...

    No in addition to. It's a friend that offered me it jus thought I would ask if it was worth it. My previous camera I had a 300mm lens kinda miss the range that's all. I am looking at an extender now though for my 70-200 bit more expensive but by the sounds of it would be the best plan.
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    Just been offered...

    Thank you everyone for the responses think i will give it a miss unless he will accept £20 haha Canon EF 70-200mm f4 L USM That's the lens i have got it in a deal with the body from jessops a few years ago.
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    Just been offered...

    Yea sorry its a 70-200 L series. Didn't think of that will have a look :)
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    Just been offered... For around £100 secondhand is it worth it? I currently have a 75-200 L series wouldn't mind the extra focal length. Would it be good with my 5d mark 2? Cheers Will
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    Few Bird of prey photos

    I visited Shuttleworth for a flying day at the same time our ticket let us into bird of prey center. Here a few shots i took. Shuttleworth-100 by Will Goodsell, on Flickr Shuttleworth-99 by Will Goodsell, on Flickr Shuttleworth-98 by Will Goodsell, on Flickr...