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    Local Paper Double Pager

    Well done! Looks good :)
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    Beginner Hi Everyone

    Hi Andrew and welcome! I am fairly new around here too, everyone has been very helpful so far though :)
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    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    Thank you for finding it for me :) I have tried it but it is still not working. I guess it will be going back to Amazon. Thanks again for your help.
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    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    That would be great thank you.
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    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    It is flashing orange but not actually charging the battery.
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    Canon LP-E6 battery price drop

    I got one and it worked okay but after using it for a while the battery now won't charge. Personally I think they are dodgy (I have the canon 70d) I will be sending mine back for a refund.
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    My Trophy 2013

    Congratulations :) I am joining a camera club soon....well if I like it ;)
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    Canon EOS 70D Owners Thread.

    Thank you all so much for posting your pictures/info and advice. I am going to really think about this and not rush into anything, definitly a good idea to take my camera to the shop :)
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    Canon EOS 70D Owners Thread.

    Thanks for your help, I saw the cashback offer which is making it very tempting indeed! They both got similar reviews in a mag I was reading last night (can't remember which one) ah decisions, decisions! :)
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    Canon EOS 70D Owners Thread.

    Sorry to jump in on your converstion and completly change the subject...I am looking at buying the sigma 50-500mm or the sigma 150-500mm does anyone here use them on their 70d for wildlife? Which one would you recommend or would you recommend a completly different lens? Thanks in advance.
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    Wasp and Bee

    WOW that first picture is stunning :)
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    Please discuss: a canvas texture for a photographic print is an abomination.

    I agree, I am at uni today (I work as a carer for a photography student) Today I saw someone printing on tracing paper to display the picture on a lightbox, it looked great and different!
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    Butterflies for 2014 season.

    Very pretty :)
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    Free Photography Kindle Books

    Thanks for posting these.
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    Handy app if you use an android smartphone

    Thanks for posting. I have downloaded and will have a look later :)