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    Cabbage White, in flight.

    Lovely capture Glynn - I personally use a Godox V1 flash with diffuser helps freeze the action if using HSS - doesnt guarantee you'll get them though :LOL: Les :)
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    Conundrum to stop Squirrel

    Happy to come along with one of my toys Here 223 front and 243 in the rear of shot Les :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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    Beginner Hello everyone!

    Hi, Horizontal and Vertical Banding Noise (HVBN) is caused by sensor readout, downstream amplification, and ADC. ... In modern CMOS sensors (Sony Exmor type sensors excluded), on-die CDS circuitry is often a culprit for introducing banding noise at lower ISO settings (ISO 100 through maybe 800)...
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    Beginner Noise Reduction Workflow Help!

    Your camera ( same as mine) shouild handle noise adequately Stew- I regularly shoot at ISO 5000 with little or no noise fella I have heard great things about Topaz although I don't use any NR programme's , I adjust my images using photoshop RAW - I alwys shoot RAW it makes editing so much...
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    My most viewed photo on Flickr yesterday......... Part 2

    My wandering Oystercatcher DSC00437 Oystercatcher by Les Moxon, on Flickr
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    Monopod and Head

    When paired with a decent tripod ( Manfrotto) its amazing, well that's my opinion Stew Les :) Ps good luck with the Kidney sale :LOL:
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    Notice There's gon' be some new sheriffs in town

    Nice one Chris- maybe now we'll get people commenting on images and sharing images for critique, as you know its something I like to champion :) Great to see Marcel will still be involved, I have loved this forum for many many years & hope to do so until I hang up the camera and disapear into...
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    Monopod and Head

    Agreed John - I just prefer a Tripod to a Monopod but we agree on the Wimberley a superb bit of kit :) Les here you @GeordieStew in case you fancy one...
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    Hello everyone

    Thank you and yes of course I'd be happy to help out anyway I can fella :) Just ask Les Ps I like to add a little drama to portraits too- both studio shots
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    Face down training

    Yrs Jiouhn- I laid around for most of the morning :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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    Around the Marsh

    Ok Im very busy too as it goes :)
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    Monopod and Head

    I attached the lens and slung the tripod over my shoulder and I too am a walker :) Good luck in finding what you need fella Les :)
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    Monopod and Head

    I use a WH-200 Wimberley Head Version II on my Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 tripod - cannot fault it- As I don't get on with monopods personally - In fact I gave one away with a head only a day or two back Les
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    Anti-social drinker..

    Nice enough- but slightly out of focus for me :(