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    Festive Fox.

    well caught Chris- a tad over exposed for me- but a lovely capture all the same :) Les
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    The Water Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Nice set- very colourful- if I had to pick my favourite I would say No 3 Les :)
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    Tufted Duck

    Tidy shot that Paul :) Les
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    Photoshop + DeNoise (& extra question)

    Agree about noise when under difficult light conditions- I was merely indicating that my Full frame Sony bodies do handled noise exceptionally well & therefore: I can up the ISO to give my shutters speeds capable of doing the job sometimes over ISO 2000 Like this @: ISO 2,000 gave me a none...
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    What birds or bird have you seen today – communal thread, I hope!

    Love the Redshank- maybe next time try to get all of his reflection- just a thought :) Les
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    Photoshop + DeNoise (& extra question)

    Be much better to get it right in camera - just my 10p's worth :)
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    My most viewed photo on Flickr yesterday......... Part 2

    A sad sign of the times hey Gary? Les :)
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    Post a related Digi photo and say why it's related !

    Frosty Dawn on the Somerset Levels
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    Cape Town

    I can't say I like that tree being dead centre to be honest Les :)
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    Beginner Newbie...Lens filter adapter - Help

    send them back and research for the correct ones is my advice :)
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    Aviation photography

    As well as can be expected given the price- I loved mine- I now shoot with a Sony a7Riv and Sony a7Riii - I love the sensor size on both of these cameras and being Mirrorless they are smaller than the average DSLR I still have a Sony a7iii twinned with a Sigma 24mm f1.4 ART lens - but felt a 42...
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    I was told off for walking around my local park- by another walker, he said " that's not exercising its photography and you should not be here" I did think about pushing him the lake :LOL::LOL::LOL: Obviously I did not! I laughed out loud when I saw him later on, getting into his car - what...
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    Beginner Newborn photography lenses

    I would suggest an 85mm would suit your needs well :) Les
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    What birds or bird have you seen today – communal thread, I hope!

    I am really sorry I made you feel that way ( deflated) please feel free to ignore my every comment :( I was at the time unaware that this section was not available for critique and maybe I shouldn't be so quick off the mark My camera is excellent for low light ( Sony a7Riv ) and my Sony...