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    Canon Pro 1/10/100 - Owners Thread

    You could perhaps wait a little while and then quote the proposed changes to EU legislation regarding the ability for end users to repair their products... It might not get immediate results but at some point Canon and the other OEM's may have to consider a change in policy... FWIW, there's...
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    Just how much difference is there between pigment ink and dye ink ?

    Oh I hear you... smart phones = touch typist hell
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    Beginner 9yo son... Where to start?

    I suspect this question, or a variation of it, has cropped up previously so apologies for not trawling back too far if the answer is already out there... That said, on the off chance that things have changed or this is a unique enough question, here goes... My nine year old son is a keen...
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    Just how much difference is there between pigment ink and dye ink ?

    Just as a primer... - Pigment ink is made up of solid particulate matter is held in suspension, not dissolved. It tends to give off a more muted colour. The key plus is that they have markedly better fade resistance and are traditionally used for archival printing. - Dye ink on the other hand is...
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    Epson & Canon Ink Tank Printers are they locked to the makers own bulk ink

    As per @wontolla 's reply... you aren't locked in although Epson do have a couple of printers that required a specific code that would "unlock" the ink levels (which were guesstimated by the driver anyway). You can override the latter by using the WICReset tool to reset ink levels on the...
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    Canon Pro 1/10/100 - Owners Thread

    Just wandered in as I spotted we were getting a few people visiting from this forum and wanted to gently correct the above as we don't actually sell the OctoInkjet inks as "identical" to the OEM as we don't have access to the same raw materials as Canon on some of the inks. What we do have is a...