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    Advice, please, on dye sublimation printers...

    I think Wex sell some Dye Sublimination Printers : Hope that helps.
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    Are none formal academic organisations worth getting qualifications from?

    I was looking at The British Academy of Photography which isn't formally a college or university and they are accredited to BTEC for HNCs and HNDs in photography. For the HNC the home study is £1,195 which isn't bad at all compared to a college or university that would charge £9,000 for tution...
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    Beginner HDR Question

    I wouldn't recommend doing a -3, 0, +3 as the difference between the exposures is too great. If you need that much dynamic range it might be better doing -4, -2, 0, 2, 4 . I have personally tried doing 3 stops difference and it didn't work out for me. I would recommend that you do at the most...
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    Are there any good recruitment sites that advertise photography related jobs?

    I have been looking for possibly going for a photography assistant job and having been using job search sites like, but to be honest they don't really host many photography jobs. Do any of you know of any good recruitment sites that offer photography style jobs other than the likes of...
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    The University of Manchester Whitworth Hall

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph the interiors of Whitworth Hall which is part of The University of Manchester. The University Of Manchester Whitworth Hall by Michael D Beckwith, on Flickr
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    strangest thing you've ever photographed.

    The strangest or weirdest thing that I have photographed is myself. I have been doing photography as a hobby for like 8 years and have had no problems being behind the camera, but being in front of it doing my own portrait was one of the strangest and weirdest things I have done. I just felt...
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    Rijks Museum Amsterdam

    Here is a photograph I took from Rijks Museum Library in Amsterdam. Rijks Museum Library by Michael D Beckwith, on Flickr Just a bit of feed back. The Rijks Musem allow photography but not the use of either flash or tripod. I knew this in advance and brought a photographic beanbag which I...
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    Thinking of 5D4 from 5D3 - Is it a no brainer?

    If the cost of betting the 5D4 is high for you then I'd seriously recommend that you rent the camera rather than jumping in then finding that you don't need it.
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    Recognition Article in the Press

    Congratulations! That camera and lens looks like a bloody tank, tis huge! :)
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    Does shooting live view at sunset ruin the sensor?

    Probably an old question. I was wondering if shooting in live view with the sensor constantly exposed to the sun when doing sunsets, can it damage the sensor? I used to compose optically using the pentaprism but have found live view such a much better choice but am cautious about using it...
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    Worcester Guildhall

    I got permission to photograph Worcester Guildhall a few weeks ago, here are the shots that I got from the shoot.
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    Youtube reviews

    I quite like "The Angry Photographer". He doesn't have any affiliate links and appears to give an honest opinion.
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    Is going from printing A3+ to A2 really a big jump?

    Happy new year all! Last year I got an A3+ printer love it to bits. I could see that there is a difference from A3 to A2, but not such a huge difference going from A3+ to A2 and was wondering is it worth actually going for A2 when you are already printing at A3+?