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    Beginner Sports at night, high iso help

    Thanks for that, not easy covering football is it? It’s even harder if you don’t know the players and their likely moves. Corners and free kicks are good opportunities, I used to be on the goal line shooting up as they go for the usual header, shooting at an upwards angle helps with the...
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    Beginner Sports at night, high iso help

    I think content is probably more important than technical excellence, photographing a night match for me is more about getting something the fans might want to look at, and getting the ‘night match atmosphere’. When I look at my old stuff I never think about sharpness or even focus, just...
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    Tips & trick for photographing riots, demonstrations and Civil disobedience?

    I did the miners strike for the locals all those years ago, fwiw, I’d stay away, it was hateful, a mob is no place to get close to even for a neutral. Mike
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    Canon all round lens on APS-C

    Evening, I got rid of a17-55, in my opinion, too heavy and not notably better than the 18-55, not withstanding 2.8. In it’s place I bought; EFS 10-18, let no-one tell you it isn’t brilliant... EFS 24 2.8 EF 50 1.8 Oh, and a second-hand 55-250... Mike
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    Canon 10-18 - any good? You can compare against the other mentions too... I've got one, I like it a lot. Mike
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    DXO pro9 elite free with mag

    I've downloaded it, won't open, keeps bonking out at the first splash screen, this is on Mac OS X Sierra... Mike
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    Guernsey Photography Festival

    Morning all, is anyone going to this, or been? The web site doesn't seem to say much, I may be missing something obvious but I can't find any exhibition details... Mike
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    Camera backpack for holiday (1 body, 2 lenses) and space for day stuff

    Have a look at Kriega, it's mostly for motorcyclists, but easily the best I've worn, strap system makes the rucksack disappear!
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    Canon 600D to 7D, should I...?

    Morning folks, Got the opportunity to buy a 7D and Canon Grip with 6000 clicks on the clock, would I be hugely better off? It's £400, and yes, I prefer SLRs with grips, so gets around that point ok. Almost forgot to confirm that I'm currently a 600D user. TIA, Mike
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    Whatever happened to Camera-craft?

    I agree chuckles, I see lots of nicely focussed and exposed pictures of all subjects, but don't see many I'd want on my wall... Do it with the old gear, (f1s and A1s)? Not a chance, eyes not what they were, I love my AF now! Mike
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    Whatever happened to Camera-craft?

    Morning, Years ago I used to do the football for the local teams, (pre Premier League, so old First Division), and I was asked recently to do some game pictures of my daughters team in-play. Hadn't done it for years, lost the inclination. I found it so much easier with modern AF gear, took a...
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    Who needs a posh huge DSLR.

    114060 is a 'no date' model...
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    Useful little thingy...

    I'll bet your glasses are always half empty eh? Mike
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    Useful little thingy...

    You can, but its easier positioned as shown, not an issue, and for me improves the handling. Mike
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    Useful little thingy...

    Morning folks, This is such a good thing ! Can't remember exactly where I got it from, but search for thumb grip and camera on amazon or similar... Mike