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    Kingfishers (fill flash)

    Such lovely images...
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    Hello there, So, im having probs making a watermark. I have a logo (jpg) which i usually drag and drop onto images, but for some reason when i am doing this it is coming out different sizes depending on which image I drag it too. I am wondering what is happening and how I can make an easy...
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    HDR Interiors

    Love the bold colours in this...:thumbs:
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    :agree: stunning...
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    Bride and Groom... Sun going down.

    I really like them all, and to be honest, we have to remember maybe the bride has no issue with her nose...:D
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    New Tamron 10-24mm - is this soft to you?

    Oops! missed this bit, sorry! I have a 28 - 75 Tam, its good so far, I guess its luck with these lenses....:thinking:
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    New Tamron 10-24mm - is this soft to you?

    Depends on usage to me, also depends where the point of focus was?:)
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    Banff & Yoho National Parks

    Stunning, i was at lake louise 15yrs ago, before i was photo mad, god knows how i would leave if i went now, hours of shooting to be had!
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    Portaflashes bulb search

    Thanks for all your responses,:D apologies for the delayed response! S
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    Poppy Fields

    just lovely, i wish i was closer!
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    Life On A Daisy...

    i second that! love it! :thumbs:
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    Portaflashes bulb search

    Helllooo there :wave: So, I have 2 jessops porta flashes, both brought from ebaby, one has died..:'( Im struggling to get hold of new bulbs, anyone any ideas? also how to change the bulb inside, it seems locked in! Also im looking at investing in new lights, though the choice is...
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    London Soho/Covent Garden/ Piccadilly meet 16th April

    Great to meet you all, been a bit slack this week but will get a few up over bank holiday! Happy EAster to all! :D
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    Any French living TP people here?

    Thanks, just caught it, my mum rung me as well , ahhhhhhh :D
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    Any French living TP people here?

    thanks so much everyone for your suggestions , currently trying to plan a route! :-D :thumbs: