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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Ah ok, thought the code worked for lenses too, nevermind
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    paypal12 code not being accepted :(
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    Ask Prices here

    can you quote me for a Panasonic 25mm f1.4 Leica DG Lens please and also confirm that no vat/duty will be payable by me Cheers
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    Fuji X100S

    Keep an eye on Fuji refurb store I picked one up a few weeks back for around £750 with the 10% discount code
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    Duff Ebay purchase - Canon IS MKII 70-200mm f2.8

    Open a dispute on eBay and make sure all the conversations is via eBay messages and not personal email or by phone etc. and only post to the address supplied by eBay by recorded mail. Keep all the photos of the lens and images you have taken with the lens so you can submit them to eBay. Can't...
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    Fuji X100S

    Just a quick heads up. Fuji refurb store had the x100s for £760 with a 10% discount code (P258BTCC467). Bought one myself but out of stock now
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    Nikon D600 / D610 Official Users thread - Anything D6x0 related

    Have the 50mm 1.8g and 85mm 1.8g. Debating between the Nikon 24-70 and tamron 24-70 VC.
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    Nikon D600 / D610 Official Users thread - Anything D6x0 related

    Just got the d600 a few days back and very pleased with it's performance/image quality. Only thing that's bugging me is the slightly cooler colour outdoors. anyone recommend any picture control settings? Took this with the 85mm f1.8g at f1.8 (fab lens)
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    ordered the nikon d600 on Wednesday and received today. Came with english manual charger etc. Paid £1339 which is quite a saving from the cheapest uk price. Panamoz rocks!
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    lol still thinking ...but too late now ...hopefully this in a week :) and not :'(
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    just ordered a d600 from Panamoz at a great price. Had to think 10 times before sending money via bt though!
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    D600 - £2000!

    it's actually higher than that as the price of £1775 is from a reseller on amazon . the price themselves are selling it for is £1885 ...a bit of a hike in one day!
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    Canon 60D or Nikon D7000

    if it's the tesco deal with the 60d and 17-55mm then you can forget it as it was a misprice and people have had cancelation emails ...have a look at hotukdeals. nikon d7000 is fab , had it briefly before moving over to the pentax k-5
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    D7000 or Pentax k-5

    I had a D3 for a short period, fab camera but too heavy for general walkabouts, sold this and bought a d7000 and even though the image quality was fab, felt a bit plasticky in comparison and could not get used to the ergonomics and button placement. I wanted something small, good build and top...