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    Undecided Corfe castle

    If your going to Corfe you could go on from there to Swanage there is whats left of a pier there. Swanage is about 15 - 20 mins on from Corfe.
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    Crop vs Full Frame for Landscapes

    I think these day modern sensors are of such good quality that unless your are pushing the extremes your image is always going to be good enough for most uses. I have been using the A99 for some time and its a lovely camera. I also have the A6300 and while ergonomically it might not be as good...
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    Who’s the best for trade in’s these days

    I have had the same problem with WEX quote one thing and when they get it something completely different. I think they rely on the fact that once you've sent it you wont want it back !. I think the Ebay low listing fee is the best way to go. As long as you document the items well generally you...
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    Sony a6300 v a6500

    I went from the A6000 to A6300 and its a great camera. A lot of Sony lenses are OS so depends if you want to shoot vintage lenses etc. Also may be worth considering the new model is rumoured to be launched end of the month which could mean a reduction in A6300 and A6500 prices. So if you can...
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    Empty Ink Cartridges

    I use The Recycling Factory for mine. Depending on the cartridge they will give you some money for them, but I think they do a charity option as well.
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    M43, and why people are wrong about it

    I think these days there are very few "bad" cameras and if you do your research you can find a camera that suits you know matter what the sensor. The thing with M4/3 is it is still a relatively young mount and people get used to what they know. Here is where I think camera manufacturers need...
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    Stumped on Which CSC/Four Thirds Kit?

    I use the Sony A6300 for a travel camera and when paired with a nice lens such as the 16-70 F4 its capable of producing some great images.But you probably need to list down what you want / need and find one that fits my needs for a camera may be different form yours. There are a few 6300...
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    Benro Filtr System

    Interested as well am just considering a filter systems and weighing up all the options and alternatives.
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    Beginner Filters

    This quite an interesting video showing the difference between bracketing and filters View: Personally Im not a fan of sitting behind my computer, i prefer the challenge of being on the beach in the cold playing with different timings exposures...
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    Beginner Filters

    Ive been looking for a filter set myself so this is a interesting thread. I have been using a couple of good screw mount ine up to now which has worked ok. But I now want to start to stack which I know I can do with screw one but by the time you have a couple of decent ones your half way to a...
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    Beginner Stressing about which camera is best for my wants and budget

    If you are happy with a bridge camera it might be worth looking at something like the original Sony RX10. New the original version still go for £670 but you can pick up a used version for your budget. 24 -200 Zoom, shoots RAW and 10 FPS.
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    Wex or MPB for selling kit?

    I have used WEX once, offered a price then when they got the item changed it for no good reason. Hard to fight quite hard to get the amount originally offered. In the main ive found their prices quite low. I have used Ffrodes and they are very good.
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    Sky Arts ~ Masters of Photography

    It s a bit strange that when you consider this is the 3rd season, few of the photographers seem to know whats expected of them in the series. You would have thought that when applying you would have watched the previosu series and really seen where previous contestants went wrong. Perhpa sim...
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    Anyone using Adobe Portfolio as their website?

    Thanks for the updates the website looks really good. I think this will be the way for me to go as well.
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    Beginner beginner's tuition

    On the whole i would agree with the feedback. Mike Browne is very good. He does a one day course which again is excellent. I completed my GCSE in photography at night school around 6 year ago and it was well worth it. Online videos are great for picking things but the only problem is they dont...