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    Current processing time

    Thats good news, thank you very much for the prompt reply.
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    Current processing time

    Hi, just wondering how long your current processing time is please. You have only received my gear today ref TX-3284190, I am reluctantly selling after having been furloughed for 4 months and now only back part time so the money will be really handy right now. Many thanks Nigel.
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    Canon EOS 90D Owners Thread

    If it had been a step up from the 7D mk II it would of been very popular indeed, but as mentioned above most people me included are waiting to see if there will be a 7D mk III.
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    Aviation Photography With AIServo

    Yes fairly normal as long as you are not getting too many out of focus. Using back button focus may help improve your keeper rate, if not already using. As to new camera 7d mk 2 or 1DX mk 1 or 2
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    I want a clamp...suggestions?

    I'm guessing you would need the version with the stud to connect to a tripod head:
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    Cleaning the legs on Manfrotto 055XPROB???

    This link is pretty good very similar to the Manfrotto all you need is a T25 screwdriver to strip the tripod. In this video he uses Pec Pads for cleaning but I used silicone spray which works great. View:
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    Stay with the 7Dii or swap for the EOSm 6ii..?

    Yes the M5 MKII looks like it might be the one to go for if the 7D line has been dropped. I'm not in a hurry to upgrade so will probably wait till next year and see what is released and what the reviews say.
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    Canon EOS M Series Cameras

    Nice. The Boat House at Belton House, my local NT Park.
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    Canon 90d

    Would of expected more fps, only one card slot and only 45 focus points. Time will tell if this a match for the 7D II but I don't think I will be swapping mine for this.
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    Canon 90d

    I must say I'm disappointed if they have dropped the 7d range, as for me this is not a viable upgrade from the 7D Mk II.
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    Wales North Wales

    I'm also going to North Wales in September so will research these suggestions, many thanks.
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    Canon 7DMKII batteries

    Is your grip a genuine Canon or an aftermarket? as some are known to have battery drain issues. I managed to take over 2600 shots at Flying Legends using 1 original Canon battery & 1 ExPro which still had 50% left - (not using grip) The reason I asked is that I have just bought a Canon BG-E16...
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    Canon 7DMKII batteries

    How many shots do you get from these batteries?
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    D3300 with Sigma DG 120-400

    I can only suggest that you do contact them and tell them that your lens is one listed in the recall and see what they have to say.
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    D3300 with Sigma DG 120-400

    Have you come across this page before?