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    Cheap and reliable deivery service

    Maybe I'm lucky with my delivery person, but when I've rung My Hermes to arrange re delivery, they've asked if I'm home and driven round to me with it 5-10 minutes later. Yodel and City Link have been pretty bad over the years though where the packages are returned to depots 30-40 miles...
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    thick white fog on film after developing

    Check your camera and/or that you developed the right roll!
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    thick white fog on film after developing

    New developer would be good, but the fact the frame numbers developed and nothing else means that something else went wrong here.
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    I like colour slide film :)

    I think Steveo is thinking of CC Imaging. I've found it a good deal over the last few months, but with postage rates going up again, you really need to send them several rolls at a time.
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    Repairing stick apeture blades and checking light meter for Olympus Trip 35

    It may be worth mentioning that even if you select an aperture of 2.8, it won't open all the way unless there's not enough light (it doesn't have a true manual mode). The aperture you select is the widest you want the camera to use, if there's sufficient light it won't necessarily open all the...
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    Have I got a light leak?

    Good. In that case, I'd go back and ask to have it rescanned. Where did you get it done? If you complain politely but firmly, maybe they'll offer you something for the hassle.
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    Have I got a light leak?

    Could it be a scanning problem? Some of these leaks look bizzare. (are they all visible on the actual negative?)
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    Is this still possible...

    The filmphotographypodcast was talking about this the other day, and they were pretty sure that fuji has discontinued 4x5 instant, but I think they suggested that regular pack film can be used in many circumstances (with a little loss of real estate) if you have the right back.
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    negative problem, please advise!

    Hmmm, the over exposure seems to extend to the sprockets, which is more than i'd imagine for over-exposure in camera. Is your developing spool transparent plastic or some opaque material?
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    Film Photo Challenge 16 - 'Exposed' ***POLL ADDED!***

    Congratulations Nick you are the winner, a really nice photo!
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    Rollei Retro 400S in Rodinal

    Most of what I've read suggests that you need 5ml Rodinal to adequately develop a roll of 35mm/120 film (however some people claim to get perfectly fine results with as little as 2-3ml). So it looks like you'll be fine. When I experimented with stand development last year, I used the same...
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    Film Photo Challenge 16 - 'Exposed' ***POLL ADDED!***

    Poll added, runs for 7 days. Get our votes in to choose the winner!
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    Bargains Thread

    Woah! I fancy some of that action!
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    Photoflo - Is it really that important?

    I used to use dishwasher rinse aid, but ordered some Tetenal Mirasol in my last order to ag-photographic. I haven't noticed a huge difference, and my negatives have been gradually been turning out cleaner and cleaner more through practice anyway. The bottle will last for years, and being in a...