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    Amazon Trip lense Advice

    I've been all over with my camera and 99% of the time I use the 24-105. I have a 70-200 + tc, 10-20mm wide and a 50mm on my 7d. You really don't want to be swapping lens in a rain forest due to the potential humidity.
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    External Drive Problems

    Is it a single drive or 2 drives in a case? If its a single drive I'd open it up and plug the HDD inside into a desktop machine or a caddy fire it up that way and see if the computer detects it. If it does then you know it's the WD USB host adaptor if not then the HDD is screwed. Also I've...
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    We all love Baby photo's

    This little fella came over to visit a couple of weekends ago so while he was hear i thought i'd get a couple of photos. He was to interested in the noise the camera was making to smile even after several attempts :D This was shot on a Canon 7D 50mm @f1.4 (I like the 50 wide open) What do...
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    Vietnam to Cambodia cycle with camera - portrait tips needed!!!

    What a great project! The people are very friendly so I'm sure you'll hit your target, post up the results when you get back. I saw several groups of westerners last time I went riding up the mountains on bikes. Slightly mad but I can understand the attraction. Good luck!
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    DSLR with in-built Linux computer

    windows Vista all the way for me :) 24Gb Ram 2 x Xeon processors and quadro Fx graphics. Never have a problem with it unsurprisingly, and before you ask yes I would run Win7 if I could. I ran lots of Unix boxes back in the day I wouldn't run one as a desktop now to much fiddling I just want it...
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    Garden star trail

    one day Matt we will get a clear night. I hope
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    the law is an ass...

    True well all probably have still not a valid defence.
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    Help me design new home network

    as stated you would struggle with true HD video over wifi, if you can wire everything together with CAT5 cable or at least power line adaptors that would be the way forward. When we moved into our current house i cat5 cabled the house and ran windows media centre for a while but found i never...
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    Autofocus Hunting ?

    i agree with this what were the lighting conditions? if you were shooting in low light conditions you would struggle even with a very good lens. My understanding is that live view uses a different method of focusing (never used it myself) which would potentially struggle in certain situations.
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    Mid Wales Tornado GR4

    me to :)
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    Mach loop pics

    Thanks for that. Trying to work out if it's something I'd be able to do (I have a 7d and 70-200 with a 1.4x tc) I'm doing some BIF next month with this setup so I will see how I get on. I love military aircraft and always look at these threads when I spot them well worth the trip. Great work.
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    Mach loop pics

    number 1 is spot on very cool. Could I ask what lens and body you were using?
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    Ive got my 7d!

    The new firmware adds a lot more as well hopefully that will be out this week coming. 25 frame buffer and Max auto Iso in tow. The autofocus system will be the biggest difference read the manual to get the best out of it you need to understand what it's doing.
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    Monitor Calibration - Help!

    calibration is essential if you want accurate prints but you need the whole work flow process correct as well one weak link and your stuffed. So you need- 1) a half decent screen (doesn't need to be expensive) some screens can't be calibrated due to their cheap quality, I've had this and it's...
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    Flash player on ipad

    You will never see flash on an apple iOS device. If they could banish the desktop version without getting in trouble they would as well. Flash should die with the adoption of HTML 5 hopefully